200 Comment Spams per Day

I have been getting about 200 comment spams per day for a while now. Spam Karma has stopped 100% of them. 30,000 at last count. I get about 3 “please moderate this comment” notices from Spam Karma per week. So far, all of them have been spams as well.

Spam Karma is good. Thanks Dr Dave. I’ve already put money in his tip jar.


  1. dff says:

    Sometimes I get as many as 1000. And have never had to moderate any. SK definately rocks.

  2. Lee says:

    There’s been a recent jump. I’m now getting 600 comment spams per day every day. It makes me wonder if this is causing a real drag on my web service provider’s servers. Imagine a thousand bloggers needing 800 thousand comment spams filtered per day…

    And what about Doctor Dave’s Spam Karma server? Maintaining the blacklists and such requires bandwidth, no?

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