I want a cookie

A very good friend of mine reminded me of an experience we shared. She rekindled it perfectly in this email to me

lee, i can just imagine this conversation…
coworker: blah blah blah
me: grrr. i want a cookie
coworker: what?
me: oh, nothing, just that i want a cookie.
coworker: huh? what does that have to do with blah, blah, blah?
me: uhm, nothing, it’s just this line from a song by evolution control committee…

coworker: (response one) oh, that’s nice, now on to blah blah blah me – right, bleh, bleh , bleh

coworker: (response two) really – who are they – what’s the song like?

/me: (inside voice)well, you see, an ex of mine and i were way too drunk at a corporate party and were trying to orchestrate a hookup with two very cute party members, and well, it wasn’t going so well, so i looked at him and said, “i want a cookie” which is a line to this song they have about dissatisfaction, wanting, sex, cookies….
me: (outside voice) oh, ECC, a very cool music and digital manipulation group – they make their own instruments, and have a remix of dan rather’s voice that got them notoriety in the early 90s as well as a cease and desist for CBS. one of their other songs is called “i want a cookie” and it is about all the things we want that we don’t have, a better job, or sex, or something as mundane as a cookie, it’s all the same – the dissatisfaction with our lives and the desire for better sex and a cookie and a job, all come from the same center. voice trails off…

coworker: perplexed look

me.i should have used my inside voice on that and just told you they were a funky art band that makes their own instruments and resamples voices over music?

coworker : uh, yeah
me: about blah blah blah…
coworker – right, about bleh, bleh, bleh….

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  1. TJIC says:

    Evolution Control Comittee rocks!

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