Red Poppy Art House is good, Dance with me

I went to “TANGO CEVICHE I” at the Red Poppy Art House this past weekend. What great fun!

There’s going to be a “SUSHI-SOUKOUS: A delicacy of fish, and a dance from the heart of Africa” Saturday, April 15th, 1pm-4pm. You should go with me.

And another Tango Ceviche sometime in May

Here’s the blurb from the Tango Ceviche class:

Raw Fish & Argentine Tango
DATE: To be scheduled in May

Keeping with the Art House aesthetic that art is a total experience of living, this workshop is brought to you by two artists intent on keeping the flavor fresh. This workshop combines an introductory Argentine tango class with instruction on how to prepare the delicacy of Peruvian CEVICHE: white fish cured in fresh limejuice with onion, garlic, and spices.

The first hour is spent on tango, developing the basic skills for leading and following (don’t worry if you’re a beginner). The second hour is spent with food, learning the smells, colors, and tastes of a few variations of Peruvian ceviche. The last hour is for eating and dancing, mixed with sipping a little wine. Could there be a more poetic combination? Bring a bottle of wine for the meal if you like!

Instructors: Adrian Arias & Todd Brown
Class size limited to 16 people
Cost: $30 per person
Pre-registration deadline:

**Adrian and Todd are available to teach TANGOCEVICHE for private events/parties. Contact the Art House for more information.

And the blurb from Sushi Soukous

A delicacy of fish, and a dance from the heart of Africa
Saturday, April 15th, 1pm-4pm

****As a promotional special for this new workshop we are offering a discounted price of $30 for two, so bring a friend.

“For the pleasure of the pleasure”

Dance and food, in every culture on the planet, are almost always at the heart of celebration. Originally from Cameroon, arriving to SF via Paris, Achille Massoma will share with us his passion for living the good life, which begins, naturally, with an introduction to dancing SOUKOUS! todays popular dance from Central Africa. Joining Achille will be Angela Wen-Yi Chu demonstrating the preparation of SUSHI.

“My feelings about sushi are that it’s a very intimate, balanced, delicate, almost synergistic food. That it’s a sliver of all these flavors, colors, and textures that compliment each other so perfectly that all you need is this tiny little roll for it to be satisfying.”

Prepare yourselves for an adventure of the senses!

And don’t worry, men especially, the Soukous part is not so tough as you might imagine.

Achille Massoma & Angela Wen-Yi Chu
Cost: promotional offer of 2 for $30 (regularly $25 per person),
Class size limited to 16 people
Pre-registration deadline: April 11th

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  1. Frau says:

    I would like to sign up for the tango option…

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