I Disagree with a Disagreement with Dennett

I found Eternity Road’s strong disagreement with Daniel Dennett’s new book Breaking The Spell: Religion As A Natural Phenomenon lacking. Actually, his disagreement was only with the New York Times Book Review of the book.
It was so lacking that I think I’m going to read the book. It was pointed out to me by TJIC who agrees with Fran.

Years ago, I made it through the beginnings of Dennett’s Darwin’s Dangerous Idea. I gleened some of his major points and was very impressed. My (poor) excuse for not finishing it was that it’s damn tight, damn slow reading. I became exhausted after having to re-read most pages twice. But to his credit, each one of those pages had 3 times the intelligent commentary of most books I’ve ever read.

I just put Darwin’s Dangerous Idea on my bed. I’ve got some reading to do tonight.

Out of left-field… I went looking for the NYT Book Review and was at once dismayed and encouraged when I saw The Da Vinci Code as the number 3 Best Seller (dismayed) on the Hardcover Fiction (encouraged) list. But that’s an entirely different discussion… mostly.

After I look closely at the review and get the book, I might make a call for a book club reading of the thing. That might be interesting.


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  2. Lee says:

    I’ve been reading, albeit slowly…

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