Pony Trouble is a Real Movie

I’ve mentioned Warren’s Pony Trouble before…

From Warren Lynch 3-10-06

We signed Ye Bigge Deale today with Brain Damage Films!

On Tuesday or so we should receive a copy with their signature on it.

The next month will be spent incorporating and making a sound-separated version for dubbing in other languages. 3 months after that, we will get our first royalty check for Pony Trouble. In the meantime, Pony Trouble will be placed in Best Buy, Blockbuster, Amazon, Netflix and European television (UK and Germany), plus possibly on Comcast if we’re lucky.

Yes, all of you who acted in Pony Trouble will soon have international cult fame. And perhaps dozens of real dollars, or more!

So time for another party. Scott is having one this weekend some time, and we may have an additional party at Plastopia on a different day. We should have 100 parties!

Also, in 2 weeks come see Pony Trouble’s first festival screening!

Fri, Mar. 24 2006
Boston Underground Film Festival
Carpenter Center – Room B04, Cambridge
Harvard Film Archive

9pm! Dont miss our FIRST FESTIVAL SCREENING! B.U.F.F. Showing with an AFTER
PARTY at HOFFAS right around the corner!!! Free Food, Drinks, DJ Addam Idiom and
More! Come celebrate with the cast and crew of Boston’s most insane underground
movie ever!

for more info or to purchase tix online:


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