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I went with Laura to the Fancy Food Show with Laura today. What a great time. And yum! It’s all about the samples. I think I might end up buying a few pallets of yummy things. Oh wait, I’m not in the industry.

I was most impressed with:
Bongo Microwavable donuts – It’s got Krispy Kreme appeal, from your freezer! They’ll be in Costco shortly.

Walnut spread..butter – From this Italian company who has no distribution in the US :-(

Peanut Better – They had some powerful savories there. Though the Spicy Southwestern 0wnerized my palate for 10 minutes.

Delallo antipasto – great selection, great taste (doesn’t that sound like an ad for them)

New Tree Gourmet Belgian Chocolate – 73% chocolate bars that weren’t bitter at all. They also had these 99% chocolate covered somethings that kicked savory ass.

Pizza Romana from North La Brea Ave, LA, CA had pretty awsome pizzas. I think they just sell “frozen imported par baked wood fired pizza crusts”.

Mark & Stephen’s Handcrafted jams & mustards – Wasabi Lime Mustard, Hot & Sweet Mustard, Course Grain Mustard with Garlic and White Wine… lemon marmalade that wasn’t bitter. All very good.

Western Specialty – has all manner of containers in glass, metal and plastic

Remember the movie Chocolat? Chuao Spicy Maya Hot Chocolate is a good candidate for that ultimate hot chocolate drink. I’m getting some.

Labels West makes labels of all types

Macarob has a very interesting carob syrup and powder from Australia.

Highland Sugarworks is a Vermont producer of maple syrup (think “American Grade B”!) and they have a northern California distributor called Renaissance Speciality Foods in SF. I’m gettin me some.

We saw Yan (who Can Cook) and Chef Paul Prudhomme hanging out and then Yan cooking and joking.

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  1. amykins says:

    you can usualy buy walnut/cashew/almond and so on butter in most good health food stores…

    I remember the onne in Brat, VT had it in the big dispenser, but I always got cashew or flibert…

    and my friend Rhoda, she IS inthe industry, she goes tot he NY one every year. She always calls with all these amazing foods and samples to taunt me…

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