A Christmas Chronicle

Christmas eve morning, my dad’s organization, The Twelve Santas delivered toys12 Santas and food coupons to 37 needy families in the area. All of the money for gifts and gifts themselves were collected by the members of the group, which now number more than 12. I got the tremendous privilege of playing Santa. I’ll try to write more about it later but it was incredible seeing the expression on kids faces. Even the older kids that didn’t “believe” would look at the huge bag of toys I had just handed them and then back at me…. and then to the bag again and then to me waving goodbye without asking for a thing in return. The possibility of Santa became real again.

I had dinner with my dad’s side of the family on Christmas eve. C, a friend of mine from SF joined us since she was spending Christmas in New York with a friend. She hasn’t really told me why she didn’t spend it with family but that’s ok.

My uncle Frank “Sglick” (pronounced sss-click) Cavagnaro died Christmas morning in his bar at age 77. The thought I can’t get out of my mind is how much he loved owning his bar. He had regulars that came in at 10am just about every day. It wasn’t big, it wasn’t ostentatious, it didn’t have a big sign, the only special drink I know of was local beer he served on draft in tiny 6 oz glasses for about $0.50. I imagine that his was the kind of place that he’d pour your drink as you walked in the door and it’d be ready for you before you finished your hellos and sat down. I’ll be at the viewing Wednesday.

I wrote 175 personal holiday cards over the last 2 weeks. If I missed you, please forgive me and send me your email address. The responses I’ve gotten back have universally been touching. It’s good to have friends.

Christmas Day dinner was at Bean’s house with much of my mother’s side of the family. It was dinner for 16 or so.

Tonight was dinner and Barry & DeAnn’s. More of my mom’s side. There were 18 places at dinner! What a family!


  1. TJIC says:

    Sorry about your uncle…but on the other hand, what better way to live your life than to do something you love, do it well, and stay at it right until the very end?

    It sounds like it was a good life, and a good passing.

  2. Lotta, fiona's friend says:

    Sorry about your friend. Sounds like he lived well!

  3. Ben Adams says:

    We loved your Christmas Card and so I subscribed to their card shop. I loved even more your innovative web site. Where are you in CA. Just returned recently from San Diego.

    Ben and Jane Adams

  4. Lee says:

    Those Jacquie Lawson cards are terrific, aren’t they?

    I’m in San Francisco!

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