A weekend with a bed, a friend and the Extra Action Marching

Friday night: After work, had a very fun time with Laura from Sacramento at LL in Northbeach

Saturday: I had a wonderful breakfast at Boogaloos, a 3 block walk from my house, and some wanderings through my neighborhood. Laura showed me where Osento is. She says that’s where all the contented ladies in the neighborhood eminate from.

Saturday night: Saw The Extra Action Marching Band. A fantastic experience. Imagine a marching band, only grown up and their outfits don’t fit anymore (in a good way) and they play in a club, on the dance floor, with everyone else dancing among them. Imagine swaying in a frenzy of bodies so thick that it’s hard to fall down, and then you get shoved aside by a tuba player that’s so close, you just miss getting beaned by it as he passes you. The band does all those football field maneuvers you’re used to, only in a slightly smaller space. “Ill advised performance art”. Hot, sweaty, loud, overwhelming. It’s a good thing!

Sunday: (after recovering from Extra Action) shopping. I now have beautiful flatware from a great little shop in SF called Dandelion. Of course, I have no table to put them on and no utensils to eat with, but all things in due time. I went back to Union Square to do a high-end run. I’ve got most of what I need to make pies now :-)

I was very impressed with the sales staff at Williams-Sonoma. They were way more nice and helpful and knowledgeable and everything than I’ve ever seen in other stores. I was shown a zester that worked like a bastard file; I liked it but was concerned that it was hard to clean so she said, “Well, let’s go get a lemon and find out!” I now own a bastard file zester. :-)

And the location, wow, they have a mezzanine and balconies and curving stairs and grand expanses and everything. I’ve been in other Williams-Sonoma stores and never got that treatment. And they had excellent selection and even the spatula I wanted :-)

I bought a fancy Sterns and Foster mattress and box spring from Macy’s. I got it home Thursday Dec 1st. It was an as-is showroom model. Priced at $2,400. I got it for $900. It’s all kinds of fancy.

I think it might be too soft in the center. I woke up with a back ache this morning. Actually, it’s more of a…. divot in the middle. The sides are firm, the head and foot are firm, there’s just this sweet spot that my hip falls into. Fuckin. That’s EXACTLY what I was trying to avoid in getting a nice bed. Am I out $900? Grrr.

Couple that with the horrible experience I had at the Select Comfort store in Walnut Creek… The salesman would not quit with his ultra-hard-sell sales schpeil until I said, -twice-, “I would like to evaluate the bed on my own. Could you please go away and let me.”

I was too tired to shop last night so I went home. Home. It was really really nice. My car in my garage. My beautiful entryway leading to my well maintained stairs. My door, my fridge, my bread, Holly’s jam :-), my fancy-schmancy German Williams Sonoma knife, my food, my plates. It was as quiet as I wanted and needed.

Things are going well on the Western Front.


  1. Laura says:

    Uh hem, I’d like to point out that there were other culturally edifying activities enjoyed on Friday night that included art, literature, lively discussion, and libations. It wasn’t all about smut…I’m MORE than *just* a bad influence thank you very much.

    Didja hang your art yet?

  2. Lee says:

    That’s right! You introduced me to the World Famous City Lights Bookstore, a very nice bar and all such.

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