Signed the lease

I signed the lease on my new place.

Here are some shots of the place. The furniture belongs to the previous tenant.


  1. Laura says:

    The french doors and bay window are very nice. I think you’ll be very happy!


  2. WTL says:

    So… When is the party? ;-)

    Not that I’ll be coming down from Ottawa anytime soon. :-/

  3. Lotta, fiona's friend says:

    Pretttty. Loks like a great place to play !

  4. tami says:

    Love it………looks great, very califor-n-i-a! See you soon!

  5. Julian Jaramillo says:

    I Hope you well be good in this place. This is a very nice place. I don’t know when you be here. I remember when we fly the airplanes, now I have a new plane like your electric. but is with motor a gas. congratulation, for your new place

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