Malcolm and Serenity

Tonight I saw Serenity at the recomendation of several friends. Yeah, it was a really good flick. :-)

I also stole off TorrentSpy the opener to the seventh season of Malcolm in the Middle. The family goest to Burning Man. Great episode! They got it absolutely right and it was darn funny!

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  1. Hi, I just found you while doing a search for images to be used in a little preschool pictogram on making
    peanut butter and celery and raising logs for my friend who is taking a class in early childhood
    education. She always gets me to help with her homework. I am getting way too old for this.

    Anyway, I keep a blog too, and I’ve been going to Burning Man with my son, who is now fifteen for years.
    You seem like a very cool person so I thought I should say hi. Hi : ) I’m on Live Journal because
    I’ve never made the transition to hosting my own blog even though I own several domains, oh well.

    Come on by if you’re interested, it’s;

    How did you get all of your pictures edited and put up so fast. It takes me forever to do. Maybe
    it’s because I have about five hundred of them. Oh, BTW, we’re Kidsville and we loved the Colosus,
    was that yours?

    That’s about it. My boyfriend wasn’t too thrilled with Serenity and he’d realllly been looking
    forward to it.


    Oh and PS: I’m adopted and live in LA, but I was conceived in New Jersey, heh.

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