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How to install SSHD on your Windows XP Cygwin machine

Here is how to set up an SSHD service on your Windows XP Cygwin machine. This comes from a great guide from on how to turn an old PC into a Linux Router… aptly named the Linux Router Project (LRP)

Local version of how to install SSHD. And how to install SSH

And yes, this works.

Top 100 Bloggers

In my attempt at hubris, I’ve added a link to in my sidebar. If you read my site and like it, vote for me. It’ll make me feel like one of those big-time bloggers.

The thing to click on should look something like this

Click because you love me

Working Full Time

Wavexpress has upped my hours. There’s a big release coming up and they want it to go well. So my life of leisure will be severely curtailed as I work full time instead of just a couple hours a day.

(from my last post ;-) I don’t know if this makes me into the slaving proletariat or the despised bourgeois.

Installed NoNoFollow Plugin

The NoNofollow plugin

…is a very simple WordPress-plugin to remove rel=’nofollow’ (as proposed by Google) from links in comments in WPs output.

This plugin checks the date of any comment and removes rel=’nofollow’ if the comment is older than a configurable number of days. This gives the site admin a chance to remove comment spam whithout the risk of Google following the links.

This will hopefully make hyperlinks in comments and on my site more relevant to search engines. It offers encouragement to legitimate commenters to post legitimate links on the site.

update 10-29-05: Nonofollow wasn’t working correctly all the time and I didn’t bother to figure out why so I’ve switched to a different nofollow plugin, DoFollow. I’ve tried it out and it works very well. Note that it is a filter plugin… it doesn’t alter the database like NoNoFollow (I believe) attempts to do. This is probably a good thing from a forward compatibility standpoint.

Moonbat Alpha: Maoist International Movement

“Come in Moonbat Alpha. Are you there Moonbat Alpha?”

“We read you loud and clear.”

The Maoist International Movement

Strap yourself in before you read any of the movie reviews. Prepare for your indoctrination now.

Some excerpts:

Men in Black – 1997
…The Men in Black consider themselves “above the system,” and indeed they are in this movie fantasy of the aspiring intergalactic bourgeoisie which long ago went beyond petty national conflicts like that seen at the Mexican border. The Men in Black want their rule to appear “neutral” and beneficial to humyn-kind, as if it were possible for a state to be class-neutral…

The Matrix – 1999

A Hollywood film of tremendous value — a great gift to the revolutionary movement on par with that of Reds politically and done artistically as well as can be with special effects. Humyn-beings both dead and alive are tended by machines in gigantic mechanical farms where they are used as batteries for the various kinds of heat and electricity that they produce. Not only does the script-writer uphold materialism as the existence of an external world independent of the subject (humyn mind), but also the script-writer shows us how science will conquer and make everything knowable including dreams. There are a few drawbacks to this film, but on the whole, MIM could not have asked for more in a two and a half hour Hollywood movie. We can use the movie to educate people about dialectics, modes of production, Lenin’s book “Materialism and Empirio-Criticism” and the drawbacks of anarchism and individualism.

Yes, you read that right. The machines are the good guys. That’s kind of a different take than you had originally thought, isn’t it?

Small run CD duplication

Dearest Lazyweb, I saw… just last week… a friend or blogging aquaintance that has started a CD duplication service specializing in small runs. I can’t recall where I saw it? Do you?

Or if you just know of a good place to get 150 CDs duplicated with pretty sleeves, leave me a comment.