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Phoey. I can’t get a free discount on my car insurance in California. That said, taking this driving class saved me a lot of money in New Jersey in 2002-2005. Some car insurance companies honor programs like this, some don’t. Read on.

I took an online driving safety course, sent the certificate of completion to my car insurance company and now my car insurance went down by $150 a year for 3 years! That’s $450 free money!

Here’s what to do:

– Call your car insurance company and ask what kind of discount they’ll give if you take an online drivers safety course that’s sponsored by the National Safety Council. My insurance, GE gave me $150 each year for 3 years. Some companies don’t offer any discount… Sorry.

– Take the course at It’s also offered at but they charge a bit more.

– Send your insurance company the certificate of completion that you’ll receive a week later.

The course costs $42… IE it instantly pays for itself. The course is mind-numbingly easy. It asks questions like: You come to a Stop sign on a busy street and an old lady is crossing, do you:
A) Stop, look and listen
B) Accelerate to clear the intersection quickly
C) Swerve and continue down the road
D) Turn on your hazard lights.

The course took about 3 hours for me to complete. It should take you less given this bit of advice: there is no final test and just about everything they try to teach you is about common sense.. They won’t ask you any nit-picky questions like “How many feet do you have to park away from a fire hydrant? 5, 15, or 20. (No, I don’t remember either)

I took the test in August 2002 and I’ve saved about $300 in insurance since.

Yes, this is legit, go to Click on “Driving” then click on “DDC-PC Online” and read up on it.

If it works out for you, I’d love to hear back.


  1. Liz says:

    I just read your website on the $30 court fee and $250 surcharge. What is the name of that statue that allows that?
    I was just at the Palisades Interstate Court and got that plea bargain.
    Thanks. Your blog is very interesting.

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  3. Nidhi says:

    I got a speeding ticket. It has been only a few months since I got my licence. I am a new driver. I was 24 miles above the speed limit. If I plea guilty do you think it will be approved?

  4. lee says:

    Nidhi, you are so going to jail. Read about how drivers like you have been killed in prison in jailhouse riots.

  5. celticwarrior says:

    True that playboy, take a pound of stevia, fat melts off, raping prison mates in no time, oh my god

  6. Reddit says:

    on behalf of reddit, i commend you for flying off the handle Lee.

  7. lee says:

    Reddit, thank you :-).
    I’ve gotten innumerable emails and comments re-asking Nidhi’s question. So many that… The world is a funny place, eh?

  8. NiNi says:

    I got 4 of speeding point. Should I beat 2 point on the court and take on line course to reduce other 2 point? or pay $400-500 reduce point to 0 ? I have clean records and never have speeding point in my life. Someone told me even you paid in full to get 0 point, insurance company will still find your points from DMV because DMV has the records no matter how much you have paid on the court. Someone said many insurance companies won’t charge for 1st time points ( 2 points). Thanks you for the advice.

  9. lee says:

    NiNi, someone told me that diet coke and mentos injected directly into the brain enables pyrokenisis. Why not try that instead?

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