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Installed Popularity Contest

Installed Alex King’s Popularity Contest plugin. It keeps excellent stats for the admin on how popular each blog post is. It also shows users a list of the most popular posts by category, month, etc… in the sidebar.

I found this plugin via the Weblog Tools Collection plugin competition.

The front-end is nice and the back-end (what the admin sees) is beautiful.

I just threw $15 to Alex for this and other things he’s written that I use.

Why I live in San Francisco

“Icer Air 2005,” [on August 27th, 2005] sponsored by a Nevada company that makes snowboard wax, will feature 10,000 cubic feet of snow, a ski jump, an MTV crew, a DJ and thousands of cheering fans in the heart of San Francisco’s grandest neighborhood.

“What the hell are you guys thinking?” said Bruce Miller… (SFGate)

How to save money on California car registration

I now have a California driver’s license, California license plates on my car, and I’m a registered Libertarian (After hanging out with the guy who ran for Congress on the Libertarian ticket last year, I was reminded that a large number of Libertarians are insane. No matter, the ideals of the party are closer to mine than the two bigs. So I checked the “Libertarian” box)

I made a reservation to get my license in Oakland yesterday. Turns out that making a reservation doesn’t get you much (read: “anything”). I ended up spending 1 1/2 hours waiting outside for a guy to spend 60 seconds filling out a form verifying my odometer reading. Then another hour waiting… then… blah blah blah. Well, I got to the car registration part and the lady said my car needed a smog test and she needed $211 from me. I was a bit suprised at the price so I went onto the California DMV web site that evening and they had a little form where I could figure out how much my registration would cost…. $110. I went to the San Francisco office today, told the lady what the web site said and she… … … agreed! She reduced the bill by $101! That more than paid for the $40 street cleaning parking ticket I had gotten that morning!

Bring a printed copy of your California Vehicle Registration Fee Calculator results to the DMV. It could save you money.

Colossus Images

Here are some images from the Colossus project. And a video clip. There will be lots more when it’s finished.

Zachary Coffin – the artist

Corbett Griffith – the chief engineer

Google Toolbar for Firefox

The Google Toolbar is available for Firefox now, complete with Pagerank info.

Does that software come with a blow job?

I’m still shopping around for helpdesk software. I came across an article that mentions Magic Service Desk. I found that BMC software just bought the company… interestingly, I used to work for BGS Systems, which was bought up by BMC.

So, I go looking for this helpdesk app on the BMC site. The amount of Powerpoint generated, gold plated crap I had to wade through to see what the product was about was astounding.

Then again, if they are really getting the $5,000 per seat they are asking when free software is available that does it just as well…

Misdirection is alive and well, and living on the interweb!

PS. I never ever, not even once for a moment beliveved that any of those 23 year old babes in suits that they get from the stock-web-image catalog were going to come to my house if I bought their crummy software. Well, maybe just for a second.