I saw fighting robots

I went to NIMBY to work on Colossus 2 nights ago. I got there about 7:30… worked a while grinding overly large welds made between the column and gussets. And then on to grinding the upper arms of the beast. I stopped for pizza and beer with the guys… for chatting with Elysia (who I will now call Shwa because that’s what her name starts with ;-) and her uncle… chatting with the woman making the 20 foot tall Ganesh (which, I just found out, will have an ancient stone finish) and…… I stopped to watch robots battle!!!

A woman came in at midnight or so and said the we should come out and see two robots fighting each other down the street. About 10 of us started out walking down the street. When we got there we found that the robots were fighting each other, they were fighting television! More precisely, they were about five televisions and computer monitors in a vacant lot; the two robots were bashing and smashing the televisions until they were nothing more but piles of plastic and smashed glass! The smaller robot was particularly good at spinning around and whacking things while the larger robot, with its propane fueled beacon on the top, it’s heavy steel armor plating, and larger frame would just hit things head-on repeatedly until it would roll over the smashed remains.

It was wonderful! After the robots had laid waste to all of the televisions the designer and pilot of the larger one was quoted on the way back to the laboratory as saying, “It’s cheaper than therapy.”

(Image courtesy it’s designer at THERM.)

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