It’s Not a Two Party System


Everyone keeps talking about the “two party system” in the United States… Democrats and Republicans… Well, it’s not a two party system, it’s a multi-party system. Political parties are NOT (despite what they would like you to believe) a part of the government. So the next time a party manages to bend or break the rules or laws of the US government, know that corruption took place. (For instance, Lautenberg replaced Toricelli on the Democratic ticket for the NJ Senate race in November 2002. The law clearly forbade the switch but since Toricelli’s brother got in some trouble with the law, it looked like his name was tarnished enough that he’d lose…. so they were allowed to switch. Huh?)

The next time a candidate gets bumped from running merely because of it party affiliation, know that corruption took place; of course, if a candidate’s views are unpopular on their own, then he deserves to get bumped.

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