DDI Party and grinding…

I got to see Miki, my Burning Man wife who weighs 23 beers today along with her boyfriend. We went to the Mexican place on the corner of 17th and Valencia. He had a fantastic quesadilla with meat and she had a crispy rolled up taco or enchilata thing; both were EXCELLENT. My salmon burrito was ok.

I went to grind some more at NIMBY. As evening rolled around, I found that a Dance Dance Immolation fundraiser party was happening that night. I called Vixen and she came by. I met another gazillion people (and it didn’t hurt for introductions being on the Colossus team!) and had a kick-butt time.

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  1. Lee says:

    Just a couple days before, I had a fantastic wonderful salmon enchilada dinner at a restaurant near Lombard Street. The place was called Yobi or something. That was the meal with the umbrella-laiden drinks. I mentioned earlier.

    And it wasn’t a fish taco. that’s something else entirely. [giggle]

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