Goings on, meeting, eating and grinding

Last night I had a great meal with an old new friend Barry and his wife. in February I had sent out an email request, asking for people to help me consider if I should move to San Francisco. He responded but I never ended up having time to meet him. Well now I did! The both of them are pretty great. And the meal was wonderful as well!

When we were at dinner I asked, as I do most of the time if the bartender has any drinks that have umbrellas of them. In all the time that I had lived in New Jersey, not a single bar or restaurant had umbrellas. Well, the very first time that I asked for one in San Francisco, I got one! I’m in the right place.

I told you that I wasn’t going to be welding because I didn’t have enough experience. Corbett just gave me a call and I’m going to be doing some only slightly less glamorous grinding of metal tonight and tomorrow at NIMBY.

The job is going well.

Things are going well!

update 1:33pm The company is springing for a snazzy laptop for me. They love me. They really love me.

I’m sure the joy will wear off when I go somewhere on vacation and then get/have to log in and do some work in the evening. But no matter, I’m giddy with happiness. I’ve never had a good laptop.

update 11pm Grinding went very well. Great space. Great project. Great people. I’m learning too. I saw and met some good people… I’m just terrible with names… there’s the guy who happily bought me a beer from the sodabeer machine, Daniel, a couple other guys, the 2 folks building a 20′ Ganesh, Zack and Corbett and some nice guy named Larry.. we talked for a while…


  1. Lee says:

    I asked at Charlie Browns 2 1/2 months ago and they said they didn’t have any. Nor does Black Forest, Mattars, Town Crier, Louigie’s or Stumpy’s. I’ve asked at many NYC bars and never gotten one.

    Though you might be right about Belle’s; I never asked.

    It’s not whining, it’s an attitude. If you went to a resort in Aruba and they didn’t have Daquiris, you’d survive with something else, but it’s just…. different.

    I like living in a place with umbrellas. So there.

    >could it be more gay…wait, you did move to SF……


  2. Lee says:

    >by the way did you ship the book?

    Not yet. My USPS Priority Mail envelopes arrived yesterday in the mail but they were too small Grrrrrrr. I accidentally got the 4″x9″ instead of the normal flat rate ones. :-(

    I found my local post office and walked in. The line was like 30 minutes… and all I wanted was friggin Flat Rate Priority Envelopes. I wasn’t going to wait.

    Yeah, I caught your LJ post about all the smutty disfunctional books you bought. You NEED a normal book like the Phil Lesh one. I’ll find those stupid envelopes soon!

    BTW: I’m moving to Aruba!

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