Star Wars Revelations Torrent

(this entry was originally written 5-14-05. It was updated on 12-31-05)

There is a pretty good fan-created Star Wars movie called Star Wars Revelations. They made the movie available in DVD format as a .torrent file. Their torrent tracker had been down for a few months starting in early May 2005 so I hosted the .torrent here. Their server is back up so I’ve stopped hosting.

The Revelations DVD and the behind the scenes DVD are available via Bittorrent on Lysator again.

My site served the Revelations .torrent file almost exactly 15,000 times from May-December 2005. If 10,000 copies of the video were created from this, then 34 terabytes were moved… virtually for free. Bittorrent works.I recommend the Azureus bittorrent client.


  1. Lee says:

    Frank, you’re close! You’ll have to use a DVD burner. The file is, after all 3.5 gigabytes! An ISO is a disc image. You should be able to use your DVD burner software to create an honest-to-goodness DVD that will play in most television DVD players.

  2. Frank says:

    Thanks, Lee. Maybe next time I’ll just think first! 3.5 gigs certainly won’t fit on a cd-r!

  3. Frank says:

    I dont understand what iso files are. Can this be burned onto a cd-r and viewed on a DVD player?

  4. C Peacock says:

    ISO are images to burn to CD’s.
    Burner applcations can use them to create a image on a CD.


  5. L. Churchill says:

    I have downloaded and burned the DVD successfully, but I am unable to open it on my computer as neither QT or Windows Media Player recognize the .iso extension. I went to the .torrent link above and downloaded it also but my computer can’t open that either. When I downloaded the progaram it saved automatically in the “Sonic” DVD Burner program and it appears with that icon on the file. How can I get this to open on my computer and will it play “as is” on my home DVD player. Thanks for your help.

  6. Sam says:

    Do you have the 250mb copy instead of the DVD one? If you don’t, could you find the torrent somehow? All of the mirrors are down.

  7. Lee says:

    L. Churchill, An .iso image can’t be played directly by any means… Windows Media Player, Quicktime… etc. To create a DVD that will play in your television’s DVD player, you will need to specify to your DVD burning software that you wish to use the .iso image to create a video DVD. The instructions for doing such are different for every software package so I can’t help you but to suggest you look in your software’s Help.

    Sam, I just checked and found several mirrors at the official mirrors site were working. There is likely something broken at your end.

  8. OldMan says:

    ISO files are CD/DVD images. There are tools to open or create ISO images and to extract files from them (e.g. WinISO), but I would use something else: a device driver that will emulate a CD/DVD-ROM by mounting the image as a regular drive.
    Go to, download the program and follow the instructions. It’s easy.
    I have a large collection of DVD images on an external hard drive and when I want to watch a movie, I mount the image and use Power DVD player.
    Or, as some people mentioned above, burn the ISO image on a blank DVD and use a TV DVD player.

    Good luck

  9. Dave says:

    A iso image can be played back on your pc using VLC Media player at …

    and can be put on disc using Nero Burning rom just click on your DVD-R/W Drive (with blank DVD-r/w in
    click File>Open ( Top left corner )choose the file and open then just click write
    Then watch on a standard dvd player and enjoy :D

  10. Dave says:

    Cant anyone get the official links to work ?? there just on

  11. John K. says:

    Do you also have the image of the DVD label and insert???

    Also (OK, big blush here…) Never actually done a Torrent yet. I have BitTornado. But it’s not clear How and When you launch what… Do you launch the client and then click the download? Or will starting the download launch whatever client I have loaded?

    Why are there 2 ISO files? With 2 different sizes? What’s different about the larger one? My first impression is to grab the bigger one.

    I see TorrentSpy has the DVD jacket stuff, so I guess my first question is less relevant.

  12. Lee says:

    Do you also have the image of the DVD label and insert???

    I’ve recently added a TorrentSpy link with those. :-)

    Do you launch the client and then click the download? Or will starting the download launch whatever client I have loaded?

    I don’t know BitTornado (there are many Bittorrent clients out there!). How many clients work is that, after installing, you just click on a file with a .torrent extention and it starts working on it’s own.

    Why are there 2 ISO files? With 2 different sizes? What’s different about the larger one? My first impression is to grab the bigger one.

    From the site:
    Revelations DVD
    Runtime: 47 Mins
    DISK ONE – The Movie
    Contains the film, two commentary tracks, and english subtitles for the hearing impaired. 3.5 GB

    Revelation BTS DVD
    Runtime: 1:15 Mins
    Contains 1.5 hours of behind-the-scenes documentaries about the making of Revelations. 4.3 GB

  13. John K. says:


    It looks like TorrentSpy has it all bundled in a pool so you have to take it All at once. Woulda been nice if they kept them apart…

    I’ll give it a go

    Hope they fix the original server soon and nail the idiots that brought it down….


  14. John K. says:

    OK here’s a good question…
    What would happen if you opened multiple Torrent downloads at the same time from different seeds/trackers for the same file? Would you get 2 or 3 or 4 times the speed? Or would you end up with multiple copies of the files?


  15. Lee says:

    You’d get the same or poorer performance. Look into it.

    If you used more than one .torrent, you’d get poorer performance. If you tried to fetch the same file via multiple .torrents, performance would be the same.

  16. John K. says:

    Bit Tornado has a button called “External Announce”. It lets you “announce” another .torrent of the same torrent file to the pool. If anyone is connected to the second torrent, your transfer rates go thru the Roof! I got most of Revelations in 22 hours (there was an inevitable error while I was gone) and I’m getting the rest right now at what feels like blazing speeds. At one point this morning there were over 300 peers and 50 seeders. If your client has this it’s worth a try! I just wish there was SOME documentation on these clients…. A lot of info offered on the screens and just about no explanation on what it all means…


  17. YodaApprentice says:

    Finishing Download , I must.

    Thankful to Lee , I Must.

    May the force be with you.

  18. Me says:

    For people that don’t want to waste a DVD, just mount the iso to a program like Alcohol 120% and watch it from there. it will act just like you really have it on DVD. And it works better since you saved a DVD imo. And to soooperdood 400 is great and you probably have such a high speed because more people are seeding :).

  19. uvi says:

    im curious about this external announce feature. I already have 100% of what i want, however i am now the only one with 100%, and am not a seeder. Can i use the announce feature to become one? I really like what i got and want to share it with others, so how can i become a seeder? Do i need to do anything at all? Or just let BT run and let what few people are downloading download, and their clients (plus new clients) will always be able to find me hours later?

  20. Bill says:

    I’ve been trying to get a copy of Revelations for weeks. I have DSL, and I have burned other ISO images to DVD which work on my player, but I don’t understand the directions for the ISO download process, and in fact, I can’t even get a complete WMV version downloaded, even after several tries. Last night I managed to get 47 minutes, but not the ending! Very frustrating.

  21. cblaze says:

    learn to read guys
    an ISO is a SINGLE FILE created by taking all the files from a certain source which could be a cd/dvd or files on your hardrive, they call it an IMAGE of what it is. its easier to pass around as an ISO instead of 400 friggin files. you can burn an iso in nero and or discjuggler quite easily. if you dont know how to burn cds, google that shiite.

    another thing, if you want to extract files from an ISO instead of just opening it up through nero and burning it (by the way you DONT just open nero and just create a new dvd and drag the iso onto it that just burns the iso which is uselss) you have to OPEN WITH nero by right clicking on it and select open with then select nero and the ISO will tell NERO how to burn it (or discjuggler) onto the dvd and put all the files back in their proper place so with a dvd that would be the video_ts, if you dont know what a video_ts is your in trouble. if you want to extract all the files of an iso then burn to a video_ts or get files you need from it i recomend getting Isobuster very quick and easy. other than that your all stupid.

  22. Don says:

    How do u burn iso file into dvd video so I can watch on tv using dvd player. what is the best dvd burner software to get iso file to dvd video? I have never burn videos from iso file, how to convert it?

  23. Lee says:

    I use Nero ( and like it a lot. There are many other programs that do a good job too. As for how, it depends on which software you get; read the fine manual that comes with the software.

  24. Don says:

    I have nero 5 which came with Cendyne DVD+r+rw.
    I do not think will not work, it is older version.
    What Nero version do you have?
    I am having hard time to burn iso to dvd but my DVD player does not read iso, it is giving me disc error.
    I need a simple instructions on how to put starwars revelations ISO file to burn DVD to play back on any DVD player.
    I down loaded a VLC player on my computer and played back ok, Both ISO is fine. I am just a newbie on burning iso files.
    I may have to buy Nero 6 or 7 which is on the market to try to burn iso to DVD video.

  25. Lee says:

    All you people. If you can’t help yourself, I can’t help you.

    Every program is different. In NERO 6, you push the button labelled “Make your own DVD-Video”. Then you follow the prompts. In Alcohol 120% you… I don’t know what you do because I don’t have it. But the instructions are probably something like, “push the button marked, ‘burn DVD for your DVD player'”.

    The ONLY detail that isn’t obvious is that there are two types of DVDs you can burn, one for computer data and one for a television DVD player. And that has been mentioned in the previous comments.

    Figure it out.

    I have closed comments on this post.