Plaxo is imperfect

I’ve been using’s free address updating software for over a month now and I’m very happy I got it. It works peachy.

Yesterday, however, I got a Plaxo update that…. well it wasn’t a Plaxo update. My cousin Deann sent me a letter that had been forwarded a few times and… I don’t know, there must have been some errant headers in it because Plaxo on my computer thought that it was a real update. It wanted to update Deann’s address to some crazy values that the program had sniffed from the email. The important part here being that if I had set Plaxo to automatically update my addresses, her old / real address would have been overwritten!

Plaxo’s pretty darn good but it isn’t perfect. The moral of the story is that you should leave "Accept Changes to Contact Information Automatically" in the Advanced Options group off.

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