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Fixing a memory leak-ish issue in Firefox 1.0

Firefox tends to use more memory than maybe it should. Here’s how to fix the issue. From

Type about:config into the location bar, press enter, right click any line, choose “new”>”integer”, paste this into the dialogue that appears:
“browser.cache.memory.capacity”. Click OK, specify the amount in kb in the next dialogue that appears, restart firefox.

Yes, it seems to help performance.

Windows XP Tweak: Prefetch

Windows automatically preloads programs it thinks you use a lot. But many programs shove their way into this folder, sucking up your RAM. Once every couple months or so do the following:

del c:\Windows\Prefetch

Your computer will boot faster and use less RAM. The worst that can happen is some programs will load slower the first time you start them after doing the fix.

Make Firefox Prefetch

I use Firefox all the time, so I do this:

You can speed up the loading of Firefox on Windows XP by adding it to the programs that XP “prefetches.”

To do this, right-click the Start Menu item for Firefox, or any icon you use to start Firefox, and open the Properties dialog box. Add a space plus /Prefetch:1 to the command line and click OK. The resulting line might look as follows:

“C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe” /Prefetch:1

A detailed explanation of XP’s prefetch feature is provided by TechRepublic.

Windows XP Tweak: Defrag

An oldie but a goodie. Run:

defrag c:

Every couple months

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