My Phone Crashed!


My phone crashed just a second ago. And it isn’t even one of those high tech phones! It’s a Southwestern Bell Freedom Phone…. you know… your standard Slimline phone. I was winding my way though my health insurance provider’s phone tree hell…. pushing way too many buttons so they could save a few cents. So I was typing in my social security number and the number ‘6’ on my phone wouldn’t work. I could still hear the automated sexpot asking for my most intimate numbers.. I could hear my own heavy breathing in the receiver but the number 6 wouldn’t work. And then… none of the numbers would work! I started banging furiously…. Star, Pound, 1, 6, 9.. my phone was sick! Just as I was about to hang up, the phone comes out of it’s trance, “beep, bEEpbEEPBeepBEEPbeepbeepBEEPbeep, BeEp!”

Ahhhhh! The future of the universe is in the hands of chance.

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