Canadian Pharmacies

A couple weeks ago I ordered drugs from a Canadian Pharmacy, They said they might take up to 3 weeks to arrive. They arrived in 2 weeks. Although generic Lamisil isn’t available in the US, I got a generic from them. The brand is APO-Terbinafine – Terbinafine Hydrochloride Tablets – 250 mg. Made by Apotex Inc. Toronto Canada. The prescription for 30 pills cost $119 with shipping. In the US, it would have cost $365….. wait… WAIT.. Hey! a month ago it cost $365… I just checked and it’s $307.

So, going through the Canadian pharmacy my 3 month treatment (for a yucky toenail fungal infection) costs $119 * 3 = $357. Going through CVS (my Medco insurance plan through Oxford doesn’t cover direct Medco mail order, so I have to order retail) costs $308 *3 = $924 …. My insurance will cover 1/2 of that…. $462.

Hmm. Going Canadian is saving me about 25%.

Wait a minute …. I just called my local CVS and they’ll charge me $353 for a 1 month supply (not counting insurance). But will charge me $307 + $1 shipping. That’s $45 ($135 for a whole course of treatment) for nuthin’. Someone’s making too much money here. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m in the wrong fuckin’ business.

So, Canadian mail order saves me 66% off CVS retail, or 61% off CVS mail order. With my 50% copay insurance, Canadian mail order saves me 23% off CVS mail order. That’s not as much savings as I originally thought… but it’s still appreciated.

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