In Other News

I‘ve been Match-ing for a couple days… It’s quite stressful.

We bottled our wine a couple days ago.

I’ve been ComputerGuying at a pace. I’m very worried that there isn’t enough money to be made in the residential market though. I’m joining the Hackettstown Rotary Club. That might help. I sure hope.

Construction on the Projeti plane continues. It’s all over the dining room table!

I’m lonely.

I’m going to try golfing and hiking a bit. Allamuchy State Park looks like it could make for some nice walks.

My Burning Man ticket arrived in the mail! I’m so nervous!

The NYC Burning Man group looks very very active. The NJ group…. well, I had to write to the administrator to be sure I was on the list after a week because I couldn’t tell if I was on it or not. I’m caught (again) with the option of making friends that live over an hour and a half away from me. is….. there’s nothing going on in Northern NJ. Nothing that would even remotely interest me. I signed up for like 10 groups and couldn’t find a single group with more than 4 legit members.

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