Car repairs

Grrr.. My front brakes need replacing. $227.

Grr*3.9 My air conditioner died, the compressor isn’t compressing. $895. Jeez, for that much I should just buy a lot of dry ice and leave it in the trunk.

Grr*.44 It’ll cost about $100 to fix my tape player… I’ll hold off on that expense ’til next month.

And the worst part is, I bought a 50,000 mile extended warrantee on the car. Things didn’t start going wrong until 52,000 miles.

at 52k, there was an overheating problem
at 59k (now) the front brake pads and rotors need replacing (the rotors not from wear but rust), the a/c needs serious repair, and the tape player is sick.

Moderately good news: The people at Johnson Chrysler rotated my tires going front to back. But the manual says to cross-rotate the tires. I raised my eyebrows at this discrepancy. I’ve asked around and gotten mixed answers. The guys at the oil change place though it was wrong. Mike at On The Move Auto said that front-to-back rotation was fine and that 1 in 1,000 tires fail when cross-rotated. So I guess I’m not so unhappy about Johnson Chrysler not cross-rotating.

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