Claria + IPO = Good for Computer Guy

Forwarded from PPG:

April 12, 2004
Pop-Up Ad Company Plans an Initial Stock Offering

The Claria Corporation, the company best known – and reviled by privacy advocates – for its online pop-up ads and tracking applications, has filed to offer shares to the public.

Claria, formerly known as Gator, hopes to raise as much as $150 million in its initial offering, which will be underwritten by the investment firms Deutsche Bank Securities, Piper Jaffray, SG Cowen and Thomas Weisel, according to Claria’s filing with the Securities Exchange Commission on Thursday.

A majority of my business is defending against these people. Who wins in an arms race, no matter what? Arms dealers.

(Not to worry intrepid reader, this IPO makes me just as queasy as you.)

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