Toothache: Damn Referred Pain

I had something stuck in my teeth for about a week. It was driving me crazy and it was starting to ache constantly instead of just when I was chewing. So I broke out the dental floss, the toothpicks, the fancy dental pick, I scrubbed with my toothbrush, I fiddled with my toothbrush…. but NOTHING. You see, I could feel exactly where the thing was stuck in my teeth: between my rear and second from rear left lower molars. So I worked at it and worked at it. But I started getting suspicious when a serious dental flossing turned up nothing at all. So I tried something different. I tried chewing on my toothbrush handle, feeling out exactly which teeth were unhappy.

Now mind you, I could feel EXACTLY where this piece of junk was stuck in my teeth so I was just humoring my curiosity. But low and behold! It wasn’t my lower teeth that hurt, it was my upper teeth! Damn referred pain! I took dental floss to the space between my UPPER rear and second from rear left molars and found junk and blood. Today, a few days later, my teeth are feeling almost back to normal.

It’s kind of spooky about that referred pain. Dentists have told me about it before but I didn’t -really- believe them. But here I am… I felt I could point exactly where the problem was but I was wrong… about my own body. Weird.

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  1. Ahmed Elzanatie says:

    how are you ?, i’m a dentist and i know what you say but the way you tell the story is very interisting , useful thanks . try to fill that gap between your teeth by any mean (stone or a seed), good luck .

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