I got DIBS!

Finding what you are looking for is all in the keywords. I’ve been looking for a way to exchange backup space with my friends for a while now. “I’ll give you 5 gigs on my machine for 5 gigs on yours”. What I wanted was secure (likely encrypted before leaving the premises), low bandwidth (think rsync), and automated (choose files–>zip–>scp–>remote site is a pain). Tonight I was seriously starting to think about building this myself. So I did just ONE MORE internet search for it. Just to make sure it didn’t already exist. I was into my 5th search or so and about to give up when I plugged in to Google “backup encrypt remote distributed”. And there it was almost at the top of the list. DIBS, The Distributed Internet Backup System. Now I’m not positive this is it. But it’s looking very promising. I’m excited.

:-( It’s not ready for prime time. The code is in Alpha… You have to know the exact name of the file to recover it. The “Recover_All” feature hasn’t been implemented. I wish I were smart enough and had enough time to help out with such projects.

Maybe Hdup can do it. Other possibilities: Hivecache, The OceanStore Project, Freenet, Travis Reeder’s proposal for a Distributed Backup System,

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