More Compact Fluorescents

I went to Ikea over the weekend with PPG. Our goal: a couple more CF bulbs and an Ikea can opener. It was a real challenge for us to be IN and OUT as quick as possible since, traditionally, shopping at Ikea is more a lifestyle choice than a shopping decision. I’m happy to say that we succeeded!

We were in and out of Ikea in 15 minutes :-).

You know that area of Ikea where you have to wait for your big items to come out of the back warehouse? Do other people call it “purgatory” too? Both PPG and I called it that before we even met each other.

I got some 15 watt CF bulbs that don’t have “looks more like an incandescent” shields on them. The big fixture in the front hall could use a little more brightness. So I swapped out the 11 watt bulbs for 15 watts. They’re great. Bright, white, natural, and way cheaper than incandescents.

I’ve replacing light fixtures all over the house. Usually I replace a 100 watt incandescent with a 75 watt inc. and an 11 watt fl. on a splitter. It gives more light, it comes on instantly and uses less electricity. Happy day.

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