I Flooded the Boys Room

I subbed today.

I was a bad boy.

I flooded the boys room!


The real story isn’t nearly so anti-establishment… I was subbing at the Hackettstown Middle School (my first time this year). I went into the boys bathroom and saw that one of the toilets had some “material” in the bottom of the bowl. It looked like it had been flushed once but didn’t go all the way down. So I flushed it again. I noticed that it wasn’t going down. I saw the bowl filling up pretty quick and frowned. I think it’s totally weird how when a toilet bowl is just about to overfill, it gets closer and closer to the rim and then pauses…. like it’s deciding whether to ruin your day or not. Sometimes it proceeds, and sometimes it hovers there, just threatening you. Well, in this case, it proceeded like Niagara Falls. Woosh! The little flood took over half of the bathroom before finding its way to the urinal drains 15 feet away. This thing was cranking out like 10 gallons a minute. I banged on the mechanism and fiddled with it to try and make it stop but my efforts did nothing but get my shoes wet.

I ran into the hallway with my wet shoes, ran across the hall into a classroom and fessed up to a teacher. She told me to call the custodian on the phone. He was up in a minute to turn off the water.

I flooded the boys room.

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