Men: Don’t rent a tuxedo, BUY!

A few weeks ago, I rented a tux for my sister’s wedding. Final cost: $150 and 3 visits to the bridal shop (fitting, pickup, drop-off). For the Saturday night event, I wanted a tux so I went to Syms, picked one out that I liked from their pretty good selection, got a pre-done bow-tie, cummerbund, a tie-yourself bowtie (I vowed to learn but ran out of time for this event), and a nice shirt for… get this $210 total, tax included. If I wear it TWICE, it will have paid for itself. And most importantly, it’s exactly what I wanted. Oh, I suppose I should include in this cost the $20 extra I spent on the silk white handkerchief and the $50 I will likely spend on cufflinks and those shirt button-hole things. I’m very happy with the look of the hanky (my wedding rental tux didn’t have a hanky). I didn’t want to spend the money on the cufflinks but when I noticed that most everyone except for the caterer had them at the masquerade, I knew that I had to get them.

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