I Love SpamNet

I wrote this email and sent it to a bunch of friends today:

Subject: From Lee Sonko: a spam stopper that works

If you follow my online journal, you know that I’m nutty for killing spam. Well, over the last couple weeks, I’ve been using a new spam stopping software that I saw mentioned on TechTV and it really gosh-darn works. I’m amazed, astounded… Heck, I’m so happy with it that I’m foisting it on you in this email.

Is a service called SpamNet. If you have Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express and you get more spam than you can bear, you’ll want to try this thing out.

The service costs about $4 per month with a free one-month trial and I am glad to pay it. I receive something like 60 spams/day. My old spam program, McAfee Spamkiller would block 40 of them, leaving me with 20 ways to get the penis patch, see horny asian lovers, and get my degree by mail. Spamnet brings that down to 1-2 per day and I don’t have to continually tweak the program, it’s automatic. It works seemlessly with Outlook. And it has a very low false-positive rate too!

If you use this referral link, it’ll be just $1.99/month for the first year (after the free trial) instead of the retail $4/month :-) http://www.cloudmark.com/?rc=hze4hl
Or use this referral code when you’re paying for it: hze4hl

So, to sum up:
– Cloudmark’s SpamNet really works at stopping spam and it’s very easy to use.
– You must have either Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express to use it.
– It’s $1.99/month (after the free trial) if you use this link http://www.cloudmark.com/?rc=hze4hl.

Have a great day,

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