E-Z-P-ASS Debacle

I just switched my Amex card from a Gold Card to a “Green Card with Rewards”. Switching saves me a few bucks and doesn’t affect me at all since I’ve never used any of the gold card bells and whistles. I went to the E-Z-PASS website to change my account over to the new credit card number but it wouldn’t take my number.. So I called them on the phone. The E-Z-PASS lady changed me over no problem. I asked for help with the website and she asked me what website I was going to. It instantly dawned on me that the stupid money-sucking, corruption ridden, problem laden, pork-barrel politicking system that was “E-Z-Pass” was to blame. You see, Google’s first response for E-Z-Pass is (obviously) http://www.ezpass.com/. But my bill references http://www.e-zpassny.com. E-Z-Pass NY and E-Z-Pass NJ are two completely different, non-overlapping entities. “But…” I say. And I stop, remembering all the hoopla over the system over the past 3 years. The shady dealings, money laundering, intentional cost overruns, and scandal. And then I wish that I had been an inside-investor in E-Z-P-ASS.

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