Mao-widge and other things

My sister got married this weekend. The wedding was great. I’ll have photos up soon. And, yes, the minister said, “Mao-widge” during the service. If you are furrowing your brow at that statement, then watch The Princess Bride!

Making an announcement mailing list happen for the PVPOA is stalled. The PVPOA lawyer wants that all the world take risks while the PVPOA sits in its cocoon. “Oh! They’ve encased the PVPOA in Carbonite! It should be quite well protected. If it survived the freezing process, that is.” This is driving me crazy. Here, I should be smiling after getting rid of my sister ( ;-) ) and.. grrr..

I brought my dad to the airport today. He’ll be in Florida for a couple weeks. By mid-November, I’ll have the house to myself. At least for a while.

I’m now getting 100 spams/day. I signed up for a trial of Cloudmark’s Spamnet. I threw 500 spams at it and it only missed about 10 and erroneously marked about 5 good messages as spam. The good messages -did- look a lot like spam… ie one was a sale at Dell.. that kind of stuff. Cloudmark does a much better job than my current Mcafee Spamkiller. At $4/month, it’s a huge bargain. I’ll start paying for it as soon as the trial expires. I don’t know what I’m going to do after I stop getting spam! My spam poetry, all that free porn popping up on my screen… I’ll have to start replying to -real- email instead! Yech!

I saw this teaser for an interview with Sting.. I think he was on 60 Minutes. It went something like this: “Sting is worth $300 million dollars. He lives a fabulous lifestyle, he’s very happy, he’s been knighted by the queen of England and done all sorts you can only dream of.” Cut to Sting during the interview. He looks great. Mid-thought, he looks up, pauses and says with a slowly widening smile, “It’s good to be Sting.” Damn!

TIJC wrote about computer mice in his journal recently. I responded…

>It turns out that a Microsoft Mouse really doesn’t take well to having it’s moving parts lightly treated with machine oil.

I’ve been jump-up-and-down happy with my Logitech Mouseman dual optical sensor mouse for a few years now.

It is fantastically smooth and responsive. The only surfaces it doesn’t work well on are monochromatic ones. So I taped a piece of paper with a MS Streets and Trips map of my neighborhood right to my desk. Which brings me to my mouse rant: Why are mousepads smooth? That is EXACTLY the opposite of what they should be.

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