Today’s Spam Poetry

Today’s spam poetry make very interesting use of rhythm, playing with the form and pushing the reader’s attention in exciting and edgy directions. I find that the author’s use of nonstandard capitalization, spelling and punctuation allows drips and drops of the ‘true’ meaning of the piece through like a used canvas bag allows light through when held up to the sun.

From: Gina []
Date: Mon 8/4/2003 11:03 PM
Subject: < > suggest@50thKETXF8

How do you do Love pal.
Are you Lee? Okay, what can you bid to me? Nothing? …
Anyway I want to propose you a 100% Free gift – permission to aduIt site.

Thousands of sexual open pictures and videos!
Open it yourself:[removed]

P.S. Thanks me later.
Happy wishes, your Nice assistant.

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