Building My Own Battery Packs

I wussed out and bought another battery pack from Kenvil Hobbies instead of building my own out of snazzy 1700mah Sanyo HR-4/5AUP Ni-MH batteries. I just didn’t feel comfortable spending $80 in batteries ($4.50 apiece + shipping), another $30 for battery bars, shrink wrap, wire, soldering gun, & connectors… and THEN have to put ’em together in my lair. All that work would get me packs that are only marginally better than what I could get from Kenvil Hobbies for $35 apiece… for something like $55 apiece.

So I was picking up misc. items at Kenvil Hobbies and I just bought a battery pack. It’s the same type I got last time. So I’m going to use the new battery 19 times (occasionally abusing the charging times… just like I did on the first battery) and then I’ll start charging them in series together. That’ll be nice… more air time, less charging time.

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