Mud on Your Face

“You got mud on your face you big disgrace
Somebody better put you back into your place”

I went to Great Meadows and was quite surprised to find the parking lot almost full! Thursday is a big night at Great Meadows! I was planning on staying just a little while but ended up staying from 6 to 9pm! I met a nice father & son…… I’m so bad with names… Alex and ??? I think, from Long Valley.

As night twilight was approaching, I flew the Zagi dramatically into the sunset… and lost track of it’s silhouette. She took a good dive into the dirt on the far side of the canal. Shift forward 30 minutes, when we’re all packing up. I went over to the father & son and gloated about how they were cleaning oil and gas off their planes while I didn’t have to. Yea, I just had to clean the mud off it. At that moment, I felt like a rough-and-tumble scallywag.

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