New Pathways for Teaching

Last night I went to the New Pathways for Teaching information session. I was told in no uncertain terms from the head of the program that in order for me to get a teachers certificate in New Jersey with my low college GPA, I will first need to get a master’s degree.

I’m lost.

I refuse to spend $30,000 and 1 1/2 years taking classes to prove to do something that I am already completely qualified to do. It’s the most ludicrous application fee in history: $30k and a 18 months in jail. I think of it as jail because It’s time spent doing something I have absolutely no interest in doing right now.

I would be happy to test-out of any of these requirements. But as it stands, the best I could possibly do is to ace the GRE, Miller Analogy and Praxis II. This -might- get me into a grad school. The trouble I have with this is that if I -do- ace those tests, then it’s definitive proof that I -don’t- need to spend my time and money going to school. Catch 22.

I am very unhappy and lost.

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