I woke up so nicely too…

11am: I woke up so nicely too… My parents called. I said “hello” and the first word out of my mother’s voice was a cold disapproving, “Did I wake you up?” “No.” I get that EVERY time they call before noon.

After the call, I went up and put my new Scott Eggert CD into the intercom’s CD player. Three seconds in, I thought how this wasn’t just music to passively listen to while going about my daily thing. I hit Stop then Eject and… nothing happened. The CD player had eaten my new CD! GRRRR! After a few minutes of fiddling with the mechanism, I went to the circuit breaker and power cycled the intercom. Thankfully, the CD came out.

I will NOT let this effect my day.

3pm: I went to Tara and Ross’ NYC wedding reception. They are having three… one each in NY, Dallas and Boston. The wedding itself was in Ireland at Castle Leslie! Her dad told me that he got the idea from Paul McCartney’s grand wedding. :-)

From the reception invitation:

Love is many things–marriage, commitment, chocolate, rice krispies treats, trust, smores, friendship, and brownies. When Tara Abrams married Ross Jacobs, they got all of that and more. Now we want to share some of the chocolate!

I really liked the style of the reception. It was a party at a hipster upper-east-side NYC bar. And yes, there were rice crispy treats, smores and all manner of brownies! At the end, some of us went out to dinner at an Italian restaurant a few blocks away. So Tara’s wedding experience had the best in austerity & permanence -and- a close connection to the people.

My day finished much better than how it started. :-)

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