Hackettstown is listed as Helm’s Mills

Today’s weirdness: The air freshener was recently patented. U.S. Patent : #6,254,836


Here’s a good one… I borrowed Microsoft Streets & Trips from Dave B. Today I wrote him this letter.

Hey, is there an update available for Microsoft Streets and Trips? This copy is a bit out of date. Hackettstown is listed as “Helm’s Mills”. It hasn’t been called that since at least 1780… maybe earlier. !!!!

It’s weird, If you search for “Hackettstown, NJ” in MS Streets & Trips, it works fine. But when I downloaded a map into Pocket Streets on my Pocket PC, the name “Helm’s Mills” was in the place of where I know Hackettstown to be, and it claimed to not know where “Hackettstown” was! So I looked online and found some historical info mentioning that Hackettstown was, in fact called Helm’s Mills at some time in it’s distant past!

You can verify this by searching for Helm’s Mills NJ in MS Streets and Maps. Up will pop downtown Hackettstown!


I’ll find out more about the history of Helm’s Mills and then write to Mr. Gates about his error…

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