Earthlink CGI::Cookie module is messed up

How come sweet and sour sauce is really only sweet and sweet sauce? Was the sour aspect weeded out by American tastes?


I’ve got a call in to Earthlink via email:

The following simple web script doesn’t work. It generates a “500 Internal Server Error”
use CGI::Cookie;
print “Content-type: text/html\n\n”;
print “Hello world!\n”;
However, if you were to comment out “use CGI::Cookie;”, it works just fine.
Interestingly, the Earthlink Perl Syntax checker doesn’t see any problem with my code.

Can you help?

I sent it via email because there wasn’t anyone on support at midnight last night.

I’ve noticed that Earthlink’s email support sucks mad cow testicles, while the LivePerson chat support is very respectable. I think I’ll try a chat now…



Earthlink admitted that their CGI::Cookie module is messed up! 3 freaking days of banging my head against this and I’ve solved all the hard parts!

NOW, I just have to install my own CGI::Cookie module in my own directory and forget about Earthlink’s. Of course, I’ve never installed my own module, but it should be a piece of cake, right? Ugh.


There are 4 different cookie modules at CPAN and it’s not obvious which is the right one. I’m getting unhappy already. You know, there’s a film festival going on this weekend a couple towns over…. Maybe I’ll go to that and when I come back, this problem will be magically fixed (by the Perl Gnomes of course)

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