I’ve discovered the joys of Cascading Style Sheets

I’ve discovered the joys of Cascading Style Sheets.

I’ve been looking into snazzing up my journal and letting it graduate into a full fledged blog but I can’t find a solution I like! I might just stick with my home-grown FrontPage-flatfile-FTP system for a while. MovableType looks real nice but stupid Earthlink won’t let me run MySQL in my account! Just as well. I’m a tiny little skiddish about putting my journal in a database just yet. Flat files work darn good at keeping things simple.

This search was predicated by my cousin John, who asked me how he could make a journal like mine. His primary wish is to have a journal that his kids can view in years to come. So my wishlist started with:

  • Easy to maintain – Flatfiles are good for this. Nobody wants to spend hours converting their old diaries to the latest and greatest format.
  • Easy to backup – many online providers don’t do this well…. So if some dopey dot-com goes belly-up, my diary gets burned in the process?!
  • Easy photo storing – Photos are an essential part of a journal! Most blog providers don’t do photo hosting.. they just leave that “as an exercise for the reader”. But keeping the right photos with the right journal entries is a chore that the computer should just take care of!
  • Easy updates, including links and revising previous entries – A couple blog providers have blog clients that make editing go smoothly. They’re nice.

Someone HELP ME! I’ve found lots of resources but none that work for me. Grrr, I think I’m going to have to put on my DIY hard-hat, switch ISPs so I can run MySQL, install MoveableType, configure it, and then scream (because I will have then put in some 20 hours of work into essentially doing nothing).

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