I am now officially tired of winter

I am now officially tired of winter.

Due to the bad weather, I was late to my job application test. MAYBE I’ll be able to get another retest date. Then again, maybe not. I gave myself 1 1/2 hours to get to my destination, even though it’s only a 45 minute trip. But of course, it took me 2 hours to get there.

I get home at 11:30… more than 4 hours after I left in the morning, with nothing to show except a nervous stomach from being late and 4 hours of dangerous driving. Actually, before I got home, I almost got in an accident. I had stopped at a gas station near my home and filled up. Then I pulled up this 200 yard uphill road to get back on the main road. My car (for the first time in my experience) couldn’t make it up the hill! I slipped and slid. I tried going at 5 MPH and that worked for about 100 feet. But then there I sat, another 100 feet to the main road. Rather than try to make 1 MPH on this slushpile, I decided to back down the hill with my blinkers on. Everything was going fine. A Fedex van passed by me going down the hill. Then some cars came up behind me trying to make it up the hill. First in line was a big SUV. He slowed down and then stopped for me, seeing that I was pointing the tail of my car toward the gas station’s entrance. Another car pulled around the SUV into the oncoming lane. Upon seeing me, he stopped as well. “Thanks!”, I thought. Now that both lanes were safely blocked, I I started making my cut toward the gas station in earnest. Just then, a tiny sedan zipped past both the SUV and the other car in the oncoming lane’s shoulder! He was doing about 35, apparently intent on using his momentum to go through me and up the hill. He very nearly rammed my backside! As he sped by me, I noticed a flash of red, white and blue on his license plate; I’m pretty sure it was a Washington DC plate. This being further evidence that people from non-snowy places have no concept as how to drive safely in snowy conditions.

Remember I told you that I had two -other- tests today? Well school was cancelled as well. GRRRHHEHRFFRIGGINGRIG!

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