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I’ve been working a lot on the website in the last few days.

2-16-03 Started adding Gram’s recipes to Cooking.
2-15-03 updated Films.
2-12-03 added section About My
Yet Unrealized Home
, updated "God
Bless America" rant
, updated NERO
, updated TV

I’ve got a bit of leg-work and data entry ahead of me with the recipes…

I just got back from a long walk around the neighborhood. It was a very serene sunset. I got this very in-tune feeling. I was standing on a snowy roadway listening and watching the colors around me. About 40 yards away I heard a small bird jump out of his tree, swoop down and then flap up for a landing on another tree 90 yards away. All my first impressions of his flight were with my ears and not my eyes. It was wonderful.

I took it all in, finding an eagle (hawk?) 250 yards away on a perch by his cry, then following his leap and flight toward the setting sun. I hung out for a while with about 12 other birds hanging around a large berry bearing vine. (hehe, say “berry bearing” 10 times fast!)

I saw Signs on DVD. The bonuses on the disc are great. Let me air a big-headed fantasy for a second and say, “If I made films, I would like to make them like M. Night Shyamalan.” Patience, realistic detail, connection to the viewer with realistic feeling visuals, dialog and situations… OK, I’ll put my fantasy away now.


Ack, My Netflix queue has 25 movies in it! Right now I’m feeling that Netflix doesn’t give me the instant gratification that I’m used to with my Tivo. But I recall how much I enjoyed the terrific picture quality and bonuses of Signs… I suppose I’ll adapt.

DVDs You Have Out:
1 Signs
2 Changing Lanes
3 Mr. Deeds

The Matrix: Revisited
Princess Mononoke
Mystery Men
Donnie Darko
The Royal Tenenbaums

Dogtown and Z-Boys
Jackson Pollock: Biography
Fast, Cheap & Out of Control
My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Cirque du Soleil: Novelle Experience
Chuck Jones: Extremes and in Betweens
Short #6: Insanity
Men in Black II

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of
the Ring
Space: 1999: Vol. 1
Grave of the Fireflies
Grave of the Fireflies: Bonus Disc
South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut

Lilo and Stitch
Seven Samurai
High Fidelity
Wide Awake
Spirited Away

PS. I was moderately against a war against Iraq until I saw Colin Powell’s report to the U.N. 2 weeks ago. It bugs me that when George Dubbya was crying for war, I ‘knew’ that his agenda was finishing Daddy’s work, boosting the economy by wartime production, boosting his poll numbers. But then Colin sat there and said, “Here is a satellite picture of the Iraqis shoving ‘something’, undoubtedly contraband into a truck 2 days before the Inspectors were to arrive. This situation repeated itself at 30 different locations.” OK, that’s something.

All this time, it felt like Dubbya had just been up there stumping. He’s not a very believable person. He’s not a very good speaker. He’s not a very likable person. Why the heck is he president? Ugh… I know, that opens up another can of worms with Al Gore and such… But I’m thinking more about the big picture… Why doesn’t the cream of politicians rise to the top more (note to self: don’t insert snide ‘scum’ remark here)? Ugh, I think I’m asking questions that are too big for me to answer. “It’s complicated”. But I suppose by comparison, the US does a pretty good job at it…. I’m none too happy that I can’t get a better handle on this issue in my mind.

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