Offered a Staff Position at NERO International

Out of the blue, I was offered a staff position at a new NERO International chapter. The head of the campaign wrote to me:

I am starting a chapter of NERO International in New Jersey, and I am looking for creative knowledgeable people to form a Staff, or even just to NPC. I want to reward people justly and to have great events where a Staff that works together makes for a great game for players – even people who know nothing about NERO. I love to roleplay and I love to LARP, which is why I have gotten involved over time. I remember your characters – and though I would not normally send an email like this, I recall you as an excellent roleplayer and great to roleplay with.

I was of course appropriately flattered, and the spark inside me that glows brightly when playing shimmered a bit. But I didn’t let it smolder. I’m too disappointed in the too many years of hanging out with people that couldn’t ground themselves. I graciously declined the offer.

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