Moore’s Law has been working overtime on the price of DVDs

2 years ago my old company considered distributing demos and content on DVD discs but I determined that it wasn’t cost effective and the disc formats had compatibility problems. DVD discs cost $17 apiece, recorded only in DVD-RAM format (only playable on DVD-RAM drives… no you don’t own one), and the burners cost $6,000.

Moore’s Law has been working overtime… Today, DVD media now costs as low as $0.79 per 4.7 gig disk. Recorders cost $350 for a 4x drive, recording onto DVD+R (the same format as your computer and DVD video player)

Here’s a burner: Sony DRU-500A Here’s some media: (0.47 terabytes for $90!)

Of course, this makes DVD copying tools like this one very popular The world is evolving at a lightning pace!

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