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I Am Going To Grad School!

I got a phone call from San Jose State today. I was accepted into their Master’s of Occupational Therapy program!!!The program begins fall 2014. I am over the moon!

Some folks have asked what OT is… You might start with the idea of a Physical Therapist. A PT gets your body working, an OT focuses on helping you do whatever it is you do in your life, your “occupation”. Some quick examples: kids need to grow, amputees need to relearn shoe tying, elderly want to keep living independently. It’s a rather broad field!

Finished SJSU and Samuel Merritt Grad School Application! Hurray!

I just mailed off the applications for 2 of the 3 schools I’m applying to. This is the culmination of 2 full years of work. If I’m accepted, I’ll have another 2 1/2 years of school before receiving a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy.

This is the second time I’ve sent applications. This time my application is much stronger:
* I have completed all of the prerequisite courses
* I raised my “last 60 units” GPA from 3.67 to 3.87
* I raised my GRE score to include a 4.5 on the writing: 160 Verbal, 150 Math, 4.5 Writing. (previous attempt was 161, 156, 4.0)
* Starting at having 100 hours at a private pediatric clinic, I added another 78 in a (hardcore) non-public school for non-verbal autistic kids
* My Personal Essay kicks ass! Thank you Megan, Alexis, Bean, and Tami for writing help!

San Jose State University, San Jose, CA
Samuel Merritt University, Oakland, CA

Almost Done: (not due for 4 months)
Dominican University, San Rafael, CA

GRE: Done

I took the GRE today. I needed to bring up my writing score from the last time and I think I did it. I won’t get the score back for 2 weeks but I feel really good about it.


What the Heck is Lee Doing These Days?

Just got back from 12 days on vacaion in Minnesota with Megan. Pictures and stories forthcoming.

Trying to get into an Occupational Therapy Master’s program. I’m applying to: San Jose State, Dominican University in San Rafael, Samuel Merritt in Oakland. I’ve been volunteering at a pediatric OT clinic in Sausalito and a non-public school for kids with autism. I’m studying for the GRE; I got an “Ok” score last time, but I’m shooting for “Great”.

Megan and I are planning to be married! There’s rings to make and a life to be planned!

I’m still teaching at the Crucible. In a few weeks I’m teaching Arduino, Electromagnetics, Flame Effects, and a new taster class “Atari Punk Console”!

After the school applications are done, I’ll try to organize teaching a Flame Effects class in Los Angeles with Michael Kearney. There’s also a flame effects book to write.

I’ve been hanging out with Sean Cusack, his gal Lara, Michael Kearney and some friends and building some fiery things. Crazily enough, more than 5 years ago, Lara had built one of the first really notable flame effects I saw, The High Striker! And now she wants to retool it!

At Ben and Lil’s wedding in August

Megan and me at Ben and Lil’s wedding photobooth!

On Vacation!

I am writing to you from just north of St. Paul Minnesota! Megan and I will be spending the next 10 days or so on a private island on the Canadian border near International Falls, MN. Very good friends of Megan own this tiny island on Rainy Lake. We are looking forward to totally destressing and reconnecting with each other, ourselves and the universe! I think they have electricity, but no TV, no cellphones (not even 1G!), and the internet is over a phone line, Ha! So what will we do? Sleep, eat, read, play, swim, talk, look at the sunset, look at the sunrise, look at the sun high in the sky, listen to the loons, maybe catch a real thunderstorm, and maybe maybe maybe see the northern lights!

I’ll check my voicemail maybe sometimes. But don’t count on it. And email not at all!

To start things out, we are staying at a friend’s house. Tomorrow’s breakfast is promising!

Looking for Occupational Therapy Aide Job or Internship

This is very important to me. I’m looking for a job or internship as an Occupational Therapy Aide or Physical Therapy Aide. I’d love to hear from you if you can help. I need it to round out my experience before applying to graduate school.

Last year I volunteered at a pediatric occupational therapy clinic in Sausalito. And this spring I finished taking all the prereq classes I might need to get into an Occupational Therapy Master’s program. I want to get a job as an Occupational Therapy Aide so I can increase my experience and better prepare myself for the degree program I hope to enter next year. I plan on applying to San Jose State, Samuel Merritt University, and Dominican University

I really enjoyed working at the pediatric clinic but to round out my experience, I think I would do well to be at an adult or geriatric clinic. If you might be able to point me in the right direction, or you might be able to grant me an informational interview, please drop me a line!