Hard Boiled Eggs in a Pressure Cooker – WIN!

Problem Solved! I don’t get to say that often enough!

You know how sometimes the egg shell sticks to your hard boiled egg when you’re peeling it, making an awful mess? I HATE that!

I’ve tried many different ways to remedy this but here’s what works: 4 minutes in the pressure cooker makes hard boiled eggs where the shells peel easily every time.

You can fiddle with the exact timing… 4 min… 5 min… natural release or quick release. Right now I do 4 min of pressure, 30 seconds turned off, and then open up the cooker. It is a joy to peel them every time! It is still helpful to peel under running water to make sure there are no tiny shell fragments, but not required.

I’ve tried lots of timing and temperature methods that kinda-sorta-sometimes work. I tried using a tiny bit of vinegar in the pot which seemed to help but wasn’t reliable and boiling vinegar makes the house smell. We have a Fagor Lux Multicooker pressure cooker that is just terrific. Thanks Gail for giving it to Megan and I!

It’s weird, I don’t remember having this problem when I was a younger man. Maybe it’s a localized chicken problem? I wouldn’t think so because I’ve noticed the problem with several different brands of eggs, even fancy, organic, pasture raised, not-debeaked, hormone-free, etc etc eggs. Last week Megan cooked some eggs and at least 2 of the 6 eggs were hard to peel. What gives?

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