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Reminder to Self: Cancel Account

Reminder to self: cancel my account. Their long history of misogynistic ads belittle women.

My Godaddy account is paid up through most of 2015. I’ll be switching in a few months.

I made this decision in 2012 and will follow through with it. You might want to do the same.

LED Lighting That Drives You Crazy

Here’s something you won’t be able to unsee: The next time you are driving at night behind a car, flit your eyes left and right. The brake lights of the car in front of you might cast long streaks of flickering on your retinas. Many of the new LED lights are more like strobe lights, flicker in an insanely distracting way… on the highway and in people’s homes.

LED string lights are the worst. In shopping centers and restaurants and on Christmas trees. Just move your eyes around a little and ZOWIE, you’re in a disco with streaks of strobe lights all around you! I’ve heard that it actually causes epileptic seizures in a small percentage of people. For me, it just makes me hate you and your incessant strobe lights in my face. I’ll admit that the effect isn’t too bad as long as I keep my head and eyes perfectly still. :-(

Can’t tell if your light is flickering? Try this: close one eye and wiggle your finger in front of the bulb. You’ll see the strobe effect very clearly.

Oh Lee, you’re exaggerating / crazy / over-sensitive!

Actually, I’m not. Try googling “LED flicker“. Let me point out to some sources

Here’s an IEEE workgroup formed to work on the problem of high-brightness flickering LED bulbs and their 2010 work-in-progress document whose purpose is “…to describe health implications of flicker”

This article in LEDs Magazine promotes good techniques for manufacturers to use in making good LED lighting because “…people are beginning to pay more attention to long-term exposure under higher-frequency flicker in the 70–160-Hz range. Such flicker can cause malaise, headaches, and visual impairment.”
(LEDs Magazine April/May 2014, Proper driver design eliminates LED light strobe flicker)

Here’s a guy on Youtube that tests LED bulbs on his own time. One of his tests is to check whether bulbs flicker. Some of the big brands flicker, some of the no-name brands don’t. Ugh, there are no standards.

Here’s a snippet from a US Department of Energy publication “Low-frequency flicker can induce seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy, and the flicker in magnetically-ballasted fluorescent lamps used for office lighting has been linked to headaches, fatigue, blurred vision, eyestrain, and reduced visual task performance for certain populations. Flicker can also produce hazardous phantom array effects—which may lead to distraction when driving at night, for example—or stroboscopic effects, which may result in the apparent slowing or stopping of moving machinery in an industrial setting.”

etc etc etc…

Inexpensive Nail Fungus Treatment

For the last 3 years I have been keeping my toenail fungus at bay with Selsun Blue anti-dandruff shampoo. It works as well as all the other topical antifungals but it is far less expensive and easier to apply. Actually, I have been using the CVS brand generic anti-dandruff shampoo. Once or twice a week when I am in the shower I rub a little bit on my whole foot. It works very well.

I’ve written a lot on my blog about nail fungus over the years. I’ve pointed out many scams like Fungavir, Zetaclear, and Claripro. Actually, pretty much if you can’t buy it at a local pharmacy, it’s almost definitely a scam.

Praise the Effort

Saul Khan of Khan Academy wrote this great article about encouraging learning. The big point I got out of it was Process Praise.

He writes, “For instance, praising someone’s process (“I really like how you struggled with that problem”) versus praising an innate trait or talent (“You’re so clever!”) is one way to reinforce a growth ­mindset with someone. Process­ praise acknowledges the effort; talent­ praise reinforces the notion that one only succeeds (or doesn’t) based on a fixed trait.”


70+ miles per gallon! The 2012 Prius C Megan and I got for commuting to school can get 70 MPG OR BETTER on the highway. Wow. Normal driving is more like 50 MPG but wow.

To get this mileage I was on the highway, mostly in the middle lane, stayed around 57 mph (the speed of traffic) and I drove behind a truck at a very normal following distance like in the photo. The image shows 18 miles on the odometer and 70.4mpg!

My mpg for the trip climbed to 72.5 after I drove on some city streets in San Leandro for a while. If I didn’t have the A/C running, I could have done better but hey.

If you write back about how terribly dangerous drafting is and how I’m going to die, please see the photo above: I was following the truck at a VERY normal distance.

It’s Going To Be A Girl!

Megan and I got our 20 week sonogram. It’s going to be a girl!