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MP3 is Dead. Long Live MP3?

The patent just expired on the MP3 file format (did you know that MP3 wasn’t an open format??). The people that built it, the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits is letting it go.

This article says “the German research body that owns the rights to MP3, has decided to no longer renew its patents on the technology—effectively killing the format for good.” I don’t think the format is “dead” but the long tail has certainly already begun. How often do you listen to MP3’s vs streamed audio content these days?

Hard Science Fiction

My very long time friend Travis has written his science fiction book series. Dive back into hard SF!

Tagline: Science fiction about antigravity, lunar colonization, open source software, genetically modified dogs, AI…and really really big guns.

Survey about Sensory Processing and Sleep Quality Among Older Adults

Some friends of mine at San Jose State University are running a research project related to sensory processing and sleep quality. If you or someone you know are at least 60 years old and living in the United States, please consider participating by completing the survey below:

Sensory Processing and Sleep Quality Among Older Adults
The survey is anonymous and takes about 25-30 minutes to complete.

It’s not about bathrooms

Seen in a school I am serving at:

It’s not about bathrooms… as it was never about the water fountains.

It’s All About The Journey

My friend Vickie just died. She’d always say, “It’s all about the journey!” Sometimes it an excuse for why bad things happen. Sometimes it was a joyous call to celebrate the universe we live in. She was right on both accounts.

Pancreatic cancer took her at age 51. Death is coming with increasing frequency. The first contemporary of mine to die was JTF when we were both in our 30’s. My dad has been telling me about their friends dying more often; the parents of my childhood friends, their bridge partners, … neighbors. I am trying to describe the feeling I have regarding this and it is difficult, it’s a sad, dark void.



Learning and Teaching 3D Printing

My friends in the Kinetics Department at the Crucible are interested in learning 3D printing and then teaching it back to the whole building, running classes, the whole nine yards. Can you recommend learning opportunities for them? Would you like to join and help them be awesome? Write to me.

They have an Autodesk Ember 3D printer just sitting there waiting to become a tool of awesomness.