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What do I do with Researchgate?

I really enjoyed the research portion of my occupational therapy master’s degree. I’m now a member of but I can’t figure out what it’s good for! Any thoughts?

What Phone should I Get?

It’s time to upgrade my phone. Internets, what do I get?

I want/need:
a good camera – photos of Abigail!
At least 64 GB of memory – podcasts, videos of Abgail
All-day battery – 0% at at 10pm is uncool
Unlocked – I’m on Cricket wireless
Affordable – Abigail takes precedence
Google voice commands – I love talking to my phone

I was thinking… Moto G, OnePlus… or…

How To Store Books

I’ve been looking for a better way to store all the stuff in our house. Books take up a lot of space in our house. I found a great guide for how to store books. Notably, it told me that I shouldn’t store books in sealed, clear plastic boxes with desiccant on our back patio. The reasoning: UV light and daily temperature variability is bad for books. I’ll keep looking for a good way to store all our stuff.

Here is the guide:


I found the guide on the Wayback Machine at It used to be on the museum’s website.

RIP Joe Frank

Rest in Peace Joe Frank. He died January 15th, 2018 at age 79. I first heard Joe Frank’s haunting, hallucinatory radio plays in the late 1980’s, listening in my car late at night. I sat in my car on many a cold Boston winter night listening to his stories. I heard a program of his just a few months ago too. The shows were and are a revelation of amazing visual-auditory imagining. The stories and voices spin through my mind in the most pleasurable spirals, like a Whirling Dervish on the path to God. He is remembered with great fondness!

His art is his legacy and is still accessible (in the sense of availability as well as intellectually) at his website, and on public radio stations around the country in the small hours of the the night.

Do You Have A Blog?

Do you have a website or blog I should know about? The number of personal bloggers I know has fallen to… well I can literally count them on Count Rugen’s hand (the 6 fingered man from The Princess Bride). The Facebook and subsumed them.

If you’ve got a personal blog, even if you only update it occasionally, please tell me about it! Comment or email!


Here’s my 6. And truth be told, this is a stretch because all but JWZ’s blog is updated quarterly at best.

  1. JD
  2. Morlock Publishing
  3. JWZ
  4. Sheet Metal Alchemist
  5. WotW

Free Car Insurance Money

I just called my insurance company (Amica) and updated the mileage we drive on the cars. Since we drive fewer miles nowadays, we saved $200/year. :-)

Was: 10,000/year and 6,000/year. Now 6,000/year and 5,200/year. (apparently, insurance costs about $0.04/mile)