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This Week

I think that it is unfair that, of late, every second of pleasure in my life costs at least two seconds of pain.

When I asked my doctor last week if it was official that my commute was killing me, she said, “No, but I think it is causing your edema and paresthesia.” However, she couldn’t say where the rheumatoid arthritis-like symptoms in my hands and feet came from. They faded on their own last week so, “it was probably something viral” is the standard answer.

Last night I got home after my wife and baby were asleep, did schoolwork til 11:45pm, got up at 6:30, and got to wipe my baby’s snotty nose just once before running out the door, late, at 7:15. Unfair to mommy, baby, and daddy.

I could write about a great many problems but this is not the place for that.

How much propane is consumed at Burning Man each year

From Propaniac, September 2015

Ever wonder how much propane is consumed at Burning Man each year?
Wonder no more…
20,020.7 gallons of propane were pumped on playa by the BRC Fuels Team this year (new record). This does not include all of the propane participants purchased off playa.
17,673.4 gallons was for art (mutant vehicles, theme camps, art projects)
2,347.3 gallons was for infrastructure (commissary, Gate, etc.)
Here are some fun facts about the 17,673.4 gallons of propane that were burned for artistic purposes this year…
74,228.3 pounds of propane (37.1 tons)… that is equal to the avg. weight of 6 African adult male bush elephants.
642,958.3 cubic feet of propane vapor… that is enough vapor to fill an area the size of a US football field (including the end zones) a little over 11 ft. deep.
1,617,151,446.8 btus of heat value released… To equal this amount, the 80,000 btu furnace in my house would have to run continuously for 2.3 years
224,784 pounds of CO2 were released… this is approximately equal to 10 years worth of CO2 emissions generated by one average US citizen.

And my followup…
224,784 pounds of CO2? That’s like nuffum. Super-nuffum! divided over 66,000 attendees that’s 3.4 pounds of CO2 per person for the whole week! I use more carbon on my BART ride EVERY DAY. Damn, if we all went to Burning Man instead of school or work, we’d save the world!

Looking for a good read

I’m looking for a good audiobook to take my kind off my commute. Any recommenations? Ive enjoyed Snowcrash by Neil Stephenson, Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver, Neuromancer by William Gibson, Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell…
I’m thinking some fun scifi to start.

Good Plastics, Bad Plastics

Here’s a short, easy guide to plastics you shouldn’t use. As a corollary, if it’s not on this list, you can feel good about using it.

* If a plastic item has a “7” recycle symbol on it, it might be bad, most notably polycarbonate. Stay away.
* If it’s “saran wrap” style plastic wrap, ask what it’s made of. PVC plastic wrap is bad, not because of the PVC but the chemicals they add to make the PVC soft. That’s unfortunate because PVC makes plastic wrap that works the best (it’s sticky and is a great barrier). There are many plastic wraps made of other materials that aren’t toxic.
* polystyrene AKA styrofoam: bad.

I could rant at you for 20 minutes about the dangers of these plastics and how unconscionable it is that these materials are still in common usage.

The other commonly used plastics are generally safe to use! That includes polyethylene (PET, PETE, HDPE, LDPE), and polypropylene.

I gathered the most current info from this page (which is a reaffirmation of things I’ve already known)
Which Plastics Are Safe? a Care2 favorite by Annie B. Bond

Looking to Interview a Person with Parkinson’s Disease

I am looking to interview a person with Parkinson’s disease that is between 40 and 65 years old for one of my Occupational Therapy Master’s program classes at San Jose State University. Any help you could give in finding an interviewee would be greatly appreciated. The interview will take maybe twenty minutes to an hour and focus is on how Parkinson’s affects their daily life. I believe the interview and the followup could be valuable for everyone involved.

All discussions will be held with the same confidentiality as any medical professional. You can contact me at or by phone at 415-306-2151

Abigail’s Shower

The Baby Shower for Abigail was a while back. Here’s what it was like!