Fungal Nail Infection Treatment

This feels a little like an “overshare” but hey… I’ve been documenting the treatments I’ve received for my fingernail and toenail fungal infection. Phew, I’ve tried a lot of drugs over the years for this stuff. In high school I had it on my right index finger, then it moved to other fingers, then disappeared from my fingers and on to my toes. After 20 years of treatment (yow) my right big toe is still “yucky”.

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8-2011 I haven't followed through with any of the podiatrist's recommendations, they don't sound like very good options. My right big toe is still yucky. Every few weeks when they itch I treat my feet. I'll either use a single treatment of topical Lamisil "Continuous Spray" (1% terbinafine) or a few drops of grapefruit seed extract covered on my nail with a piece of tape for a few hours. The fungal infection has given me persistent, sometimes itchy athlete's foot. The spray is pretty convenient.

10-2010 I saw a podiatrist who says the best options are:
– trim the nail and apply topical – low chance of success
– nail avulsion (rip the nail out) + topical fungicide like Lamisil – 50% chance of success
– matrixectomy (rip the nail out, kill the nail bed) – 100% success rate… but no more nail

2009 I’m trying Grapefruit Seed Extract. So far, similar results to vinegar.

2007 I’m trying vinegar and Lamisil AT topical. Vinegar kept it at bay and helped keep the keratin from making the nail grow funny.

2006 a second round of Lamisil prescribed by Mina Abazari. It got most of my toes except my big right toe.

10-31-05 Dr Abazari tested my big right toe for fungus. No results back yet.

11-04–>2-05 I had a three-month treatment of Lamisil. it mostly worked but I’m not sure the treatment was long enough. Prescribed by Dr. Kenneth Janowski, Hackettstown NJ.

2003-2004 Desenex used effectively. But it keeps coming back because it’s only a topical.
Next recommended treatment is oral Lamisil because topical Lamisil helped fingernails, the fungus is probably a dermatophyte, and Lamisil is usually well tolerated.

1997-1998 – Sporonex 6 month treatment from a doctor in NJ. – no help. Side note: head-hair dandruff cleared up for 1 year.

Treatment from 5-93 to 7-95 in Boston
– Lotrimin topical – no help
– Oxistat lotion BID for 6 weeks – no help
– Nizoril cream (Lamisil) BID for 10 weeks – helped fingernails some but not toenails. After treatment, gradual reoccurence on fingernails
– Naftin – no help for toes
– Spectazole cream – ??? I don’t think I took this
– Gris-peg 250mg oral bid for 4 months – no help
– Fulvicin 330mg oral bid for 6 months – cleared up fingernails (they remain clear on 12-1-01)but not toes. Had to stop because drug started causing chronic diarrhea after using it for a few months.

Beginning in 1985, had Onychomycosis on several fingernails and toenails. In 1995, Fulvicin cleared up fingernails. Treatment was stopped before toes were affected because the drug began causing chronic diarrhea.

There are two main types of fungal infection. candida and dermatophyte. My infection is most likely a dermatophyte. I think this because the drugs I took for candida didn’t help but the drugs for dermatophytes have worked in various measures.
Possible oral treatments include:
0 haven’t tried
1-3 effectiveness (3 is most effective)
o,t tried oral or topical
C good for candida infections
D good for dermatophyte infections


1t D Naftifine Hydrochloride (Naftin)
3t D Nizoral cream (Lamisil) / ketoconazole
1t?? Oxiconazole Nitrate (Oxistat)
1t?D Clotrimazole (Lotrimin, Mycelex)
1oCD Itraconazole (Sporanox)
2o D Griseofulvin Fulvicin Grisactin
2tCD Ketoconazole Nizoral
3tCD Miconazole Nitrate (Desenex powder)
0 CD Fluconazole Diflucan
0 C Flucytosine Ancobon
0 C Nystatin (Mycostatin, Nilstat)
0 C Flucytosine (Alcobon infusion).
0 C Amphotericin B (Ambisome injection; Fungizone infusion).
O Lotrimin Ultra (Butenafine Hydrochloride cream 1%)
3o D Terbinafine (Lamisil tablets), an allylamine.
3t D Terbinafine hydrochloride solution 1% (Lamisil AT Spray pump) $10 for 30 grams
0 ?? butoconazole
0 ?? tioconazole
0 ?? econazole (Spectazole)
0 ?? butenafine hydrochloride (Lotrimin Ultra)


There are many discussions about nail fungus going on on my blog. Search my blog for the word “fungus” for more.


  1. Denise says:

    If you really want to get rid of your nail fungus, get yourself a spray bottle and mix 50% water(I used filtered bottle water) and 50% hydrogen peroxide(from the local drug store). Spray your feet after bathing them each night before bed then email me in a few months and tell me about how happy you are that your fungus is retreating; then I’ll tell you what that fungus comes from.

  2. lee says:

    Googling for “hydrogen peroxide nail fungus” turns up many interesting hits. Thanks! I’ll do some looking and might try it. My initial thought is that it would be a good topical anti-fungal but have the same problem as other topicals in that it doesn’t penetrate under the nail. What is your experience, Denise?

  3. Denise says:

    I found this web site about about a year ago after spending years hiding my feet, because I never relished the idea of taking any internal medication for months(I’m terrible at keep up with things like that). It’s worked wonders and if you try it I think you will be very pleased.

  4. Eric says:

    I too have tried many over the counter and home remedies to rid myself of the fungus. None have worked. This seems like an easy and CHEAP solution so what the heck! Denise how many times a day did you spray? How long before you saw results?

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  6. Denise says:

    I always apply it after showering, or bathing. Good luck

  7. Denise says:

    I would suggest you get a bottled water filtered by reverse osmosis. The reason; I don’t trust anything coming out of any tap, anywhere on earth.

  8. lee says:

    Denise, is moon water ok?

  9. Denise says:

    In my ignorance, I thought you were kidding; but I’m also known to look things up, which I did. Imagine my surprise . I sounds like a fine choice, but you will have to be the judge of that. If it’s something I trust to put inside my body, I would certainly trust applying it to my body.
    Good Luck,

    P.S. Holler back when you’ve tried it.

  10. lee says:

    Yes, that’s what I meant. Moon Water, not moon water. Moon Water is from China, it must be pure.

  11. Denise says:

    I don’t know about it being pure coming from China. I’m sure they are responsible for the death of my beloved Lance( 7 year old pure bred doberman pincher). The ad says “born within a Nature Protected Area of Montemuro Moutain in North of Portugal”. As I said, you be the judge of that.


  12. Debbie (THIS IS SPAM) says:

    I had toenail fungus for about 11 years and tried all types of treatments. About a year ago I found a treatment which completely got rid of my toenail fungus in 3 months. If your interested, it’s at /del>

    (This is Lee writing) The above comment was left on my blog today. I leave it here to remind everyone there are a LOT of lying, cheating bad people out there trying to sell you crap that doesn’t work. They are trying to steal from you. Don’t give in.

  13. Dave says:

    I’m battling this fungus too. It was my souvenir from wearing the same socks for too long on the Inca trail. Just out of curiosity, why wouldn’t you use the hydrogen peroxide straight {no water} or dilute it with ACV?

  14. Denise says:

    Don’t know that you can’t Dave. That’s just the way I got the recipe and I didn’t think about altering it; particularly before I even knew if it would work.I really never thought about using the peroxide straight. If by ACV, you mean apple cider vinegar, I’m not sure what effect that would have on the peroxide. If you experiment with it please let me know how you make out.

  15. Fungus says:

    As far as I know, pure hydrogen peroxide cannot be bought, or contained in a normal environment…. You can buy an 80 percent solution, stronger than that and it will vaporize immediately, kinda like ammonia.

    It is used in swimming pools instead of chlorine and it is wicked strong stuff. I doubt you will be able to use it undiluted on your skin or nails…… Just my 2 cents.

  16. Denise says:

    WHOA! I’m sorry I didn’t make myself clear in the beginning; we’re not talking pure anything here except water, this is 3%. I’m talking about what you get from the drug store and supermarket. I didn’t even know you could buy pure hydrogen peroxide.

  17. lee says:

    Hehe, Burt Rutan used pure hydrogen peroxide as rocket fuel on Spaceship One.

  18. desiree says:

    I doubt the average consumer can purchase 100% H2O2, but we can buy 35% in addition to the 3%. I buy the food grade 35% through a chemical supply place and dilute it to whatever strength I desire. But make no mistake, at 35%, H2O2 is extremely strong and must be handled with extreme care.

  19. desiree says:

    Combining acetic acid and hydrogen peroxide forms the disinfectant Peracetic acid. What I haven’t found is anyone claiming peracetic acid to be safe on skin or effective against fungi. Anyone know?

  20. Denise says:

    When you start talking about chemical compounds and such you are way over my head, but I did find this in Wikipedia

    “Fowl Sanitizer

    Peracetic acid is extremely effective for sanitizing fowl carcasses without affecting the skin or the flesh of the bird carcass by applying direct to the meat. In particular, peracetic acid is applying to a fowl that has been killed, plucked and eviscerated by contacting the fowl with an aqueous peracetic acid solution and maintaining that contact to a time sufficient to sanitize the fowl. [1]”

  21. desiree says:

    Thanks, Denise. At least I know I can make some peracetic acid to sanitize the chicken and turkey I buy from the store! :D

    I only know a little about chemicals, mostly due to trying to treat my infection. For my total onychomycosis of 4 nails, after thinning them, I’ve been applying the following;
    – SSKI w DMSO
    – essential oils cocktail (i.e. oregano, lemongrass, tea tree)
    – 10%-15% acetic acid but not at the same time as the H2O2
    – H2O2 solution that’s probably about a 10% strength (periodically)
    – urea cream (periodically)

    I’ve been doing this specific treatment regimen for about 2 months so it’s hard to tell if it’s working yet. But things look promising, especially compared to past home remedies I’ve tried.

  22. Buddy Eldorado says:

    For years I had fungal growth on many of my toenails. I tried tea tree oil and another
    similar oil from New Zealand all to no avail. Then I tried beer and vinegar… nothing.
    I finally found a topical solution to the fungal situation. If you get a bottle of
    Grapefruit seed extract [a citracide] and mix 40-50 drops in one ounce of rubbing alcohol
    and apply twice daily with an eye dropper you’ll get your nails back. It’ll take many
    months to grow your nails out and get rid of the fungus but it will work if you stick to
    the program. My nails were totally black or white and flaking. They are now clear. I
    still apply the solution once a day now to keep my nails from becoming re-infected. Best
    of luck.


  23. Denise says:

    Thanks Buddy,
    Good to sharer remedies that work, and not have to be at the mercy of the drug companies that want to do nothing but suck money out of us and couldn’t care less about our health.

  24. Paul says:

    any luck with the hydrogen peroxide Lee…

  25. lee says:

    Hey Paul, I haven’t tried hydrogen peroxide yet. I was thinking of thinning my toenail with my Dremel tool and applying topical Lamisil. Wish me luck.

  26. Denise says:

    Hi Lee,
    I’d really try the hydrogen peroxide before I did the Dremel tool. I found it very effective and quick results; I just have a problem with consistency.

  27. Denise says:

    A fungal infection is simply an outward sign that your body has a yeast infection. If you’re willing to rid your body of yeast(most of us don’t want to do what it takes)you will surly rid it of nail fungus. There are cures for every aliment in nature.

  28. Paul says:

    Denise: I have multiple issues with my feet right now. two toes with fungus, bruised right heel, pain in the right heel when i get up in the morning that goes away after a few minutes, athletes foot that comes and goes, cracked heels, and finally gout which sucks more than all the other issues…

  29. Denise says:

    I don’t know a lot about gout, but a couple of weeks ago I started getting some shooting pains in my foot and thought it could be gout. I found out drinking citrus juice could help. So I went out and brought a gallon of orange juice and drank a glass a day for the next few days. I also drank plenty of water because I know I don’t drink nearly enough of the stuff, and that alone can cause all kinds of problems. I don’t know for sure it was gout, but the pains went away.
    The little I now of gout sounds like your pains could all be connected to the it, but you also have other issues there. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to let your doctor look at that.
    I watch a terrific program on DirecTV called “Your Health’. It comes on 2 christian stations; 367 WHT (World Harvest Telivision), and 376 CTN (Christian Television Network). The host Dr. Richard Becker is an OD who is a firm believer in alternative methods also. If you get a chance to catch the program, I guarantee you will be enlightened, and glad you watched.

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  32. David says:

    My wife has had a thick ugly toe for years the doctor told us it was fungus we have tried everything we recently found this site about laser has anyone had any experience with this working ?
    Many Thanks

  33. Helga Wade says:

    From Lee: Why this is crossed out. Here’s a good example of a spam comment recommendation. Note the sales tone of the comment. Buyer beware! The email address they gave me was

    You are certainly not alone. I also suffered from toenail fungus for a very long time, and take it from me, I’ve tried almost all kinds of toenail fungus treatment available without any success. The fungus just won’t go away and to make matters worse, they spread easily to other parts of the body. I thought mine was a hopeless case. I can’t wear sandals or slippers outdoors because my nails are discolored and crumbly, not to mention that my feet had a bad smell. A friend of mine suggested that I try a liquid treatment called fungusil, guess what? It’s effective because in just 3 weeks my nails started to show improvement. Of course, aside from the treatment itself, I also practice healthy foot habits. I hope you try it as well because you’ll never it might work for you too. :)

  34. […] I got a comment spam from someone claiming that Fungusil works for them. I did some homework and… it screams […]

  35. Denise says:

    I ran across a site today, while looking for something else, and it says that Tea Tree Oil is very effective for athletes foot.

  36. lisa k bell says:


    Toenail rot Cure, neat bleach, (undiluted)

    dipped in x2 daily for 2-5 minutes, about

    ready to go in a week.

    this cure works for me, no reoccurrence

    within 12 months or more.

    Thank you for listening.


  37. Susan says:

    Lee: Wow, your threads on toe fungus are amazing. Really, really glad I clicked on the link to your site when doing a search on Zetaclear.

    I am interested in what progress any folks have had on their various treatments. I have fungus in just my two big toes and am weighing oral treatment as well as many of the other suggestions on this thread. BTW, what do folks mean when they refer to keratin?

    Grateful for any responses.

  38. Buddy Eldorado says: advertises a military strength, nail penetrating creme for $19.95. It’s supposed to get rid of fungal infections in about a month. It may be the answer. Check to see if there’s a guarentee.


  39. Denise says:

    I just ran across this little item while researching something else, and thought it might be helpful since it speaks to nail fungus.

    Painting, buffing, and using polish removers can leave your nails dry and brittle. The alcohol in these products wicks moisture away from your fingernails and toenails. You don’t have to give up cute polish, though. Instead, give your fingers and toes a mini spa treatment at least once a week. Here are a few natural moisturizers to make your fingers and toes look great!

    Coconut Oil

    If you have trouble with athlete’s foot or other nail fungi, try using coconut oil to moisturize your dry nail beds. This plant-based oil is an antifungal and antibacterial agent. In addition to restoring moisture to your nails, coconut oil will kill off bacteria that causes foot odor and fungal infections.

    Unlike most oils, coconut oil is solid at room temperature. Scoop a small amount out and rub it directly into your fingernails and toenails like a lotion. The oil will melt when it comes in contact with the warmth of your body. If you prefer a liquid treatment, warm the jar of oil in a hot water bath to slowly melt the product.

  40. kris says:

    Has anyone had any luck with the Deep Cover Nail system? The oil is amazingly soothing, but I’m not so sure it all actually works.

  41. lee says:

    To answer your question directly, no Deep Cover Nail System will not cure your nail fungus. Sorry.

    I looked up Deep Cover Nail System. It reads

    How It Works
    Deep Cover Nail Systemâ„¢ is the only nail polish with Homeopathic Medessenceâ„¢ which contains 7 powerful anti-fu

    Stop right there.

    Homeopathic “medicine” isn’t medicine. It’s bunk. But don’t listen to me, listen to the National Institutes of Health or Wikipedia.

    From NIH: There is little evidence to support homeopathy as an effective treatment for any specific condition.
    From Wikipedia:No individual preparation has been unambiguously shown by research to be different from placebo

  42. Kristine says:

    Well Lee, thanks for your negative rant on homeopathic medicine lol. Some folks swear by it for many illnesses. From my own experience with deep cover, although it’s not been a cure, it’s been a blessing when my fingers I’ve been so sore and hypersensitive. The traditional route involved an oral medication that after 2 months felt like I my liver and daily made me feel sicker and sicker. “Traditional” medicine felt far worse; I’d rather have irritated nailbeds than lose my liver. A soothing topical medication that smells good may not be a cure but it’s a far better than some of the other nasty smelling OTC products out there.

    You too must be having fungal issues if you are reading this site, so have a little compassion for the rest of us in the same position. If you are able to tolerate the AMA approved oral meds, good for you. JUst remember that people turn to homeopathic medicines for a reason; and usually it’s born of desperation. Good suggestions help; pontificating does not.

  43. lee says:

    Kris, sorry, yeah, I get a bit ranty about homeopathy. I understand your urge to turn to homeopathic medicine out of desperation, but I still have to stress that it is complete bunk and no scientific study, none of my internet research, and maybe most importantly of all no comments to this this blog from any real human being ever, has suggested even once that any homeopathic remedy might provide a cure.

    Yes, I’ve been trying to defeat my own nail fungus for 20+ years. I’ve documented what I’ve tried on my blog here, take a look.. Especially read the comments from hundreds of people.

    So far, I can distill my experience down to:

    * There is no reliable cure for nail fungus. Most people live with it for their whole lives. Sometimes it clears of its own accord after years, often not.

    * Oral medications have the best shot at working but they have a poor (<50%) success rate and they have side effects that might cause you to stop taking them. For example, I had to stop taking Fulvicin because the drug started causing chronic diarrhea one day after using it for a few months (read my experience with lots of drugs in the post above). Oral Lamasil is probably the best bet.

    * There are lots of topicals that "work" but if the infection is under the nail (and it usually is), no topical can get to the source. Your best hope is to keep using the topical to keep the infection at bay forever. Use whatever works that is cheapest. Some things I've found that work to keep it at bay:
    * * Selsun Blue antidandruff shampoo
    * * Vinegar
    * * most over the counter topicals

    * Having your nail ripped out and killing the nail bed by a podiatrist works but that's like nuking the site from orbit. And that shit’s permanent.

  44. Sav says:

    Hi there. Had this problem for about 4 years now. Started on big toe, and spread to 2 others.

    Tried a lot of different suggested home remedies such as Tea Tree Oil and Vicks Vaporub.. all failed. I am aware that there are varying depths of infection, so they may be effective on less severe cases, but not in this case.

    Most of the searches seem to only lead to hearsay or just companies trying to make a fast buck with no real proof behind the product they’re pushing (as evidenced by some of the spam above). No real experiments or anything scientific.

    One thing I did find that came close to what appears to be a successful experiment (including pictures at various stages of treatment) was here:

    These people alternated between vinegar and hydrogen peroxide soaks on a daily basis, and it appears to have worked.

    Based on that, I’ve just started it myself (this is the first week). I’ve clipped the affected nails right back to expose the nail bed and removed as much damage as possible with a file. I’m also buying a complete set of new socks to ensure the best chance of success.

    It’s annoying that there aren’t any proper scientific studies published on these treatments so people can be clear once-and-for-all what really works and what doesn’t (especially given that this problem is so common).

    I will post back here in a few months and report my findings.

  45. lee says:

    Sav, that’s a really exciting treatment option. It certainly could work. I’m in the midst of yet another experimental topical treatment; I’ll tell y’all if it works in a few months. In the mean time, go for it and it’s be great if you checked back here in a few months and say if it works!

  46. Kris says:

    Hi Guys –

    I haven’t had a chance to look at the url you posted, but I will. My case seems to be on a regression right now; worst always seems to be in the winter. Maybe it’s the cold dryness of Michigan winters, but it makes me appreciate the summer even more. I pretty well have given up on thinking I will ever actually not have this issue, but right now I am having really really really good luck with a product line called Deep Cover. As a woman, I’ve appreciated the fact that I’ve actually been able to have pretty nails on my hands (which lately have been my focus I have it on probably 8 of my toenails and 6 of my fingernails. So frustrating. The deep cover products have a soothing “medessence plus”, a homeopathic, clear solution that I use when it’s at it’s worse. Not sure what’s in it, but I think it has tea tree oil and who knows what else. I do know that when my fingers painfully crack, this stuff immediately makes them feel better. I have the fungus not only under my nailbeds, but on the surrounding tips of my fingers. The medessence also smells much nicer than tea tree oil, although everything in the line is kind of pricey (about 20. each). After two weeks of using the clear oily medessence, you can start using their Primer (which seems to keep things at bay) and their nail polish line. I usually use the primer and then the fleshtone polish, and finish with a diamond hard topcoat (sally hansen, not deep cover). I actually have real nails of length! I still can only go maybe 3-4 days without having to file the skin around them, but it’s all so much better than it has been. I know guys don’t care about growing their nails out but this is the first time my hands have looked pretty in a couple of years. I don’t know if it’s possible to actually eradicate nail fungus without going the oral med route, but I only lasted 39 days on that stuff and felt so sick, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I felt like I was poisoning myself. I have resigned myself to this being an ongoing battle for prolly the rest of my life, but at least I have a functioning liver. Do give the deep cover a try. Shop NBC sometimes carries it, but I wound up going through Deep Cover’s website. I think it was a 75.00 investment but I’ve been using the stuff since January. I have ordered more of the medessence, as I seem to go through more of that than anything and now never want to be caught without it. It soothes the hurt immediately. I have found that using the primer on a consistant basis helps to keep it calm longer. A warning though, you can’t use them together If you put the medessence on the cuticules around nails that have the primer/nail polish on, it does wonky things to the polish. It makes it kind of soft and sticky, so you have to use it on clean, unpolished nails. I find I’ll wear the polish for maybe 5-7 days the just take it all off and use the medessence overnight before reapplying. I must say I haven’t had a bad, painful cracked cuticle since I started this process a few months ago. Granted, I keep the cuticles filed down and it’s now summer, so that may have something to do with the success. All in all, deep cover has been the best thing I’ve found yet, and I’ve dealt with this problem for years and years now. Good luck all!

  47. dave says:

    I’m giving the viniger proxide combo a shot. I hope it works. Did the oral medication route, did absolutely nothing.

  48. Tony says:

    For the last three months I have been using NonyX on my big toe. The fungus on my toe has been the most stubborn and ugliest. The results have been promising. I mean it looks a lot better than before I started the treatment.

    Will updated as the months go by. Also, since i am still experimenting, I may try Oreganol on some of my other smaller nails that have the fungus. I hear it works pretty good. Then again, each product depends on the individual.


  49. Sammy says:

    I have had great success from Laser, it is a bit expensive as compared to ointments, but worked for me. I got it done at for anyone interested.

  50. denna says:

    I have been suffered from nail fungus years before. I tried everything that I thought will helped me to fight nail fungus, even I ripped my nails. I tried different products ,like creams, anti fungal liquids, suda care antifungal line, lamisil, nystatin, nizoral pills and creams but still nothing the results were the same. I was bored from this situation no improvement. I did the blood analysis that were ok. One day I sow an advertisement in a local TV and I decided to do an urea breath test, (the reason that I decided to do this test were my work conditions no clean environment). I have been diagnosed with H. pylori that is present in 50% of population around the world. I started a triple therapy that is a mix of 3 or 4 antibiotics for around 10 days . After one moth I repeated the urea breath test which was negative that means that the therapy were done successfully. The reason that I did h. pylori test it was occasionally even my doctor was surprised that I didn’t have any symptoms that this bacterium does. After one moth I realized that my nails were cured, fungus were disappeared . I think that every one that suffers from nail fungal should do the analyses to discover the infection that is present in his/her body. in my case I discovered occasionally. This is my story now I am happy after years of fighting nail fungus

  51. Kristine says:

    Wow. That’s awesome! I am going to print this off and take it to my doctor. I couldn’t tolerate the antifungal pills (made me so sick) and I thought the only thing left to try was laser. Reminds me of when they found out that stomach ulcers are caused by bacteria, not stress. I’ve had some success using the Deep Cover line of products but it doesn’t eradicate it. We’re moving into the cold, snowy time of the year here in Michigan which is always when my fingers get worse; cracking, bleeding and sore. It would be *lovely* not to have to deal with it again! Thanks for sharing your story. :)

  52. denna says:

    After my experience I strongly believe that a person that suffer from nail fungus should check for the infection that might be present in his body. As I said my discover for h.pylori it was occasionally even I didn’t heard before for this bacterium, I never suffered from stomach or having pains no symptoms. I did the test , cause every day I have contacts with different peoples and I don’t have a work clean environment. The aim of my story isn’t to suggest peoples here doing a urea breath test , or to check for h.pylori, Noooooooooo I advise that everyone should fight first the infection ( whatever kind of infection is) in order that nail fungus disappears forever. . I think that a triple therapy that doctor a professional infecsionist gave it worked for me.
    Denna /Albania

  53. lee says:

    Denna, thank you very much for your comment! It had never occurred to me that issues like H. pylori could affect nail fungus! I’m going to investigate this further! I just did some googling on “pylori nail fungus” and found a whole new world of potential cures. Treatment with probiotics could be effective and “treatment” consists of eating yogurt and/or kefir every day for a month or three. Antibiotics targeted at H. pylori is also a good route!

  54. Fungus (battlenailfungus) says:

    I did some quick reading on the Pylori bacteria and with the risk of sounding “skeptical by default” I really doubt it can be related to many cases of nail fungus. It is a stomach bacteria that gives you ulcers, and it seems it can weaken the immune system and thereby make it easier for Candida (yeast infections) to take hold in the body.

    Onychomycosis, nail fungus in its clinical term, can be caused by a variety of strands of viruses, and also yeasts, but not bacteria. And that Pylori bacteria should somehow independently cause nail fungus seems unlikely, although a weakened immune system just might create an environment where it grows faster? There is a lot of talk about probiotics (which are super-healthy and good for you) that should be ingested in order to remove fungus from the body, thereby also killing your nail fungus. There is a logical leap here however. Nail fungus is contracted from the exterior, you don’t see fungus suddenly growing out of your cuticles, behind healthy nail. It infects the nail and nail bed at the tips and often spreads inwards, sometimes reaching the base and nail matrix causing deformed nail to grow out.

    If a pre-existing nail infection has spread down into the nail bed it may be of help to remove any eventual pylori and other bad bacteria from the body and thereby help the body be strong and deal with the fungus but I really don’t think it should be a significant help or be a cure in many cases.

    I am no doctor however, and these are just my personal layman’s thoughts. It is interesting though to read all these different recommendations and stories.

  55. denna says:

    I am agree with the above article, but also is the fact that i have been cured after a h.pylori therapy. My problem started years ago when I noticed in my big toe a small fungus, that it was later developed in other nails. What I suggest for every one here is to discover the cause to fight the infection, for me it was occasionally cause I have tried everything pills or liquids but the results were the same. Only the triple therapy that my doctor gave it in order to fight h.pylori resulted succesfully in my battle against nail fungus , power full antibiotics . H.pylori is an stomach bacteria that has a link to fungal and inflammatory skin conditionson and this is proven scientifically

  56. Lilian says:

    Hi guys, have anyone tried Zeta clear? Need an expert suggestion please.


  57. lee says:

    I haven’t used it but I’ve written several times about this product and several commenters have (universally) had negative reviews about it.

  58. lee says:

    But then again, since I just noticed that you wrote your comment from an IP address in Bangladesh, it can reasonably be assumed that you were paid to ask that question. :-(

  59. Oswald Jäger says:

    Thanks, Lee for helpful information.
    I have white toenail fungus for five years; It started when I was in London. I don’t know why but maybe over there every time I had to use shoes and socks which kept the feet and nails bit moisture.
    Since I am doing the treatment, It seems to be temporary and come back again. I even start writing about now in my blog, by the way, I am from Norway.

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