More Doings

Grinding Colossus I’ve been working on Colossus the last few evenings. I’ve been grinding metal to prepare it for welding and to protect people from cutting themselves on the installation. In the image, I’m grinding the center pole down so the gussets can be firmly welded on.

In the last few days I’ve met a guy that participated in SimNuke, some of the Burning Man Thunderdome guys, a group building a giant nose-picking machine powered by a human-sized hampster wheel, some folks building a statue of Ganesh, art-car builders… phew!

Much of the time, as projects were discussed, they’d point to a far-off corner of the studio and say something like, “Those are the giant fans we used to push all the gasoline in the air before we lit it.”

Oh yeah.

There was supposed to be a Music and BBQ event just 2 blocks away from me but it got moved to 2 miles away. I was too tired from grinding all night anyway so I just got a sandwich from the shop ON MY CORNER. :-)

I’m off to a pinball party right now at Lucky Juju Pinball.



  1. Lee says:

    You just wish you could get the chance to hold a welding stick in your hand.

  2. Lee says:

    As do I. Granted, I can’t draw a great bead.

    Most importantly, my hands are dirty :-)

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